Pretty Litter Review

Finding a good pet product brand today is equivalent to finding a needle in a haystack. A simple Google search will yield you so many results, more than you bargained for. Nevertheless, there are some pretty good options out there, like Pretty Litter, and some of them are nothing short of revolutionary. Sure, most pet parents are faithful to a particular brand, and this is wise, you don’t want to have too many cooks in there messing with the broth. 

Nevertheless, if there was a time to try something, new, innovative and incredibly healthy, it would be now. With the number of diseases riddling our furry friends, it takes more than a balanced diet to get ahead of the problem. That’s where brands like Pretty Litter come in, helping you easily spot these diseases. 

Pretty Litter Products Review 2021

Pretty Litter is presently the new kid on the block, but since its inception, the brand has managed to carve out a comfortable spot for itself. Whether it’s through their litter or their food, they are dedicated to raising a new breed of cat parents who are more aware of what’s going on inside their pets. 

As a company, they are dedicated to all-around wellness and that’s quite evident with their color-changing cat litter. Besides providing this ‘magic litter’ the brand also offers cat food that ensures cats remain healthy so the Litter is just a precautionary measure. Altogether, the brand is constantly making waves; this honest review will give you a closer look at what they offer and what they could improve on. 

What Kinds Of Litter Does The Brand Offer?

Presently, the Brand is focused on one type of cat litter, and it is quite an interesting product altogether. The litter itself is a silica crystal mix that’s characterized by fine granules. Besides its texture, there’s a lot more that makes it stand out. For one, it’s composed of an absorbent silica gel that works hand-in-hand with a blend of indicators which you can use to keep an eye on your cat’s health. We’ll look closer at that in a moment. 

But in a nutshell, the Litter indicates that something is amiss once the cat’s urine is well outside the normal range of acidity or alkalinity. A lot of devotion and time was put into developing this formula precisely for cats and only qualified vets and scientists were put on the job. So, it’s certifiably a safe and viable option for all cats. 

While there’s only one type of litter available now, it does change to different colors indicating different acidity and alkalinity levels. 

Red (Blood) – 

As the color indicates, if the litter turns red, there’s the presence of blood in your cat’s urine. This may further be an indication of conditions like kidney stones, among other kidney diseases, Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disorder, bladder inflammation, and in rare cases internal injuries or full on bladder cancer. 

Orange (elevated acidity) – 

Once the litter turns orange, that points to an abnormal or elevated acidity level. This could be a direct result of metabolic acidosis, or even kidney tubular acidosis. In some cases, it’s an indication of calcium oxalate crystal formation, since that’s a common case when a cat’s urine is acidic. 

Dark Green or Blue (abnormal alkaline level) – 

If the alkalinity of your pet’s urine is not in a normal range, then the litter will turn either blue or green. The first culprit in this case is most likely a urinary tract infection. There’s also a chance that your cat may be at risk of crystal and stone formation. 

Once any of these colors pop up after your pet urinates, then there’s a chance that they have one of the above conditions. It’s cause enough for you to take them to visit a veterinarian.  Note that once you notice these changes, it’s not a solid diagnosis, you still have to visit a medical professional to figure out what’s going on with your pet. 

Under no circumstances should you try to medicate them on your own based on the pointers above. They are just a much-needed indication that there’s something amiss. 

Why Choose Pretty Litter Food?

Rating GroupReview Rating
Odour Mitigation 4.5/5
Scoop Ease5/5
Messiness / Dust Control5/5

Overall, we’ve found a rating of 4.3/5 for Pretty Litter, throughout our review we found them to be a great option for anyone wanting an innovative product, as well as a great way to paying for cat litter and food.

Before delving in, let’s point out that Pretty Litter doesn’t just put out some of the best cat litter on the market, they also dabble in pet food. It is called Pretty Please and is formulated specifically to ensure that your cat is healthy. 

The idea is that their pee should not raise any alarm if they are already healthy.  But in case they do have underlying issues, this Pretty Please cat food is just the thing to maintain their health once they recover. With that in mind, here are a couple of reasons to choose Pretty Please cat food. 

  • Convenience and Versatility 

Pet owners who are saddled with picky eaters understand the hustle when it comes to picking a food brand. It’s even worse when they have good aversions and can’t eat just anything. But that is no issue when it comes to Pretty Please cat food since it’s void of any additives or harmful elements. Even better is the fact that cats of all ages can feast on it readily thanks to its simple yet nutrient packed composition. 

It equally isn’t exclusively meant for certain cat breeds, so that’s an added plus. The manufacturers themselves claim that their pet food is tailored towards boosting your pet’s immune system, thus increasing all-around health. 

The particular areas it works its magic include increasing bone and teeth strength, especially in kittens and senior cats. It’s also a great option if you’re hoping to encourage lean muscle development in your adult cat. For the most part, your pet cannot get obese on this cat food, but you have to give it to them in the right proportions to maintain a healthy weight. Furthermore, this cat food option helps with brain and vision development in kittens. 

Altogether, there’s something beneficial in the mix for every age group. The cherry on the top is that it can be delivered straight to your doorstep just like its sister product, Pretty Litter. 

  • Additive-free formula 

Every single ingredient used by the manufacturers of this product is tailored towards ensuring that your cat gets all their essential nutrients and vitamins without all the nasty stuff. That’s why they are quite transparent about the type of ingredients they use in their formula. Not only do they list each one on their website, they equally let pet parents know exactly what each ingredient brings to the table. 

Nevertheless, a significant selling point is that the formula does not contain any fillers, additives, or preservatives, which could end up mucking things up inside your pet. 

To add to the array of vegetables (among other healthy ingredients in the mix) other well-thought-out ingredients include up to 24 vitamins and nutrients, biotin, pro/prebiotics, chicken, rosemary and kelp. 

This healthy blend isn’t tainted by anything that could turn your pet off or eventually make them fall ill. If you want to know more about what goes in their cat food formula, you can read up specially on all their used ingredients and you’ll see how thorough they are. 

How Much Does Pretty Litter Cat Litter Cost?

If you compare it to other kitty litter brands that are delivered to your doorstep, then Pretty Litter is at the right price point. A monthly subscription for each month will cost you $22 while two packs costs up to $40, in comparison with other options this is pretty good value for your money. Add that to the fact that you can keep an eye on your cat’s health and reduce all the time you’d usually spend cleaning, then it costs even less. 

At retail value, one 4-pound bag goes at the retail price of $27 dollars on the Pretty Litter company website. If you are buying quite a number of bags, then there’s a chance that you’ll trigger a discount; for instance if you buy up to three bags of Pretty Litter, the fourth bag is completely free. Besides all that, Pretty Litter is no stranger to offering discounts and promotions; if you want to know more about what is on the table, simply send them an email enquiring about how their bulk discounts work. 

Note that unlike your run of the mill kitty litter, which can be purchased at pet stores and online, this one is only available on the company’s main website. Furthermore, you would have to subscribe to receive it every month. The process is quite simple; all you need to do is fill in the number of cats you own, then let them know your billing and shipping details. Once that is in the system, you don’t need to re-order the pet products, you will be enrolled automatically for a subscription that auto-renews on a monthly basis. 

The only effort you would have to make from that point onwards is to move the litter once it’s delivered at your doorstep, then pour the allocated amount into your pet’s litter box. If this is a first time purchase, then you don’t have to worry about how your pet reacts to the fine texture of the crystal kitty litter. 

Many cats may even alter their bathroom habits because they are not conversant with the feeling. There’s no need to force them to use it, instead you could mix it in with the option they are already accustomed to till they eventually forget how foreign the kitty litter feels. 

Pretty Litter Review FAQs

What are the Benefits of Pretty Please Cat food? 

The cat food offered by this brand is nothing if not effective, that’s because it was specially formulated and created by a highly qualified team of feline nutritionists and pet nutrition experts. 

As a result, Pretty Please contains practically everything your cat needs to live out their days wholesomely and healthily. Many pet parents like that real chicken is the first ingredient which ensures that your pet gets a healthy dose of protein. This goes a long way towards building nice, lean muscles. 

Besides that, it is also packed with live probiotics, which will boost their digestive health and immune functions. That is complemented with up to 24 essential vitamins and minerals which will extend and enrich your pet’s life. It doesn’t end there; Pretty Please contains all the healthy omegas, biotin, and kelp, so your feline friend is in for some healthy eating. 

Now we’ve covered what it contains, here are some ingredients you certainly won’t be getting. There’s no soy, grain, fillers, artificial preservatives, and colors. 

What makes Pretty Litter Kitty Litter Different from Other Cat Litters? 

This brand of kitty litter stands out in more ways than one. First, it comprises a highly absorbent yet lightweight silica gel. The great thing about the silica gel crystals is that they make the mixture more absorbent than most brands in the market, so you can use a small quantity to soak up your cat’s excretion. It’s also non-clumping in nature, so you don’t have to fill those trash bags with litter, and it’ll last longer which in turn saves you money. 

Think about it, more traditional Litter options tend to form clumps that you’ll probably have to remove and replace numerous times during the month. Even more, the silica gel component totally absorbs the putrid odor that comes with urine. It further traps it while the liquid component of the urine simply evaporates, so all you need to do is scoop out any solid bits left behind. The silica component is the star in this formula and you’ll notice the clear difference. 

How do I use Pretty Litter? 

Start out by pouring the litter out of the bag and into a squeaky clean litter box; you don’t want to start out with a dirty base because that negates the While pouring to ensure that you’re measuring to get the recommended results 2 inches of depth. Once that’s done, your cat can start using the litter, you just have to make sure that you scoop out their fecal matter daily and shake off any extra grains. 

Then proceed to mix the litter daily to ensure it doesn’t get saturated in the areas your cat prefers to urinate on. It will eventually get saturated, but it should take at least a month after which you can empty the whole thing into the trash. 

It’s important to properly clean out the litter box before pouring in a fresh batch of kitty litter. Also, don’t forget to check for any color changes, that is after all the selling point here. If the color remains yellow or olive green, then the acidity and alkalinity levels are relatively normal. 

The meaning behind the other colors is listed above; also, if any other colors show up, don’t jump to conclusions. Mix the litter and pay attention to them for about 24 to 48 hours; if the weird color still shows up, then schedule an appointment with your Vet. 

Remember when we mentioned that Pretty Litter happens to be a non-clumping litter? As such, the solid waste is the only part you need to scoop out and get rid of. Simply dispose of it the same way you’d do it with any other brand of kitty litter, then replace the entire batch every month or when you notice that it has reached the end of the road. 

It’s noteworthy that the litter may turn to a yellowish hue over time, that’s no cause for alarm. It simply means that it’s properly trapping the odors. 

Will my cats have any problems using the kitty litter? 

For the most part, cats don’t have any issues using Pretty Litter, they get right on it immediately. But, it’s still common for some cats to have a hard time transitioning since it has a finer texture than what they are accustomed to. 

Since cats are quite picky by nature, it’s not surprising that some of them may find the new texture, odorlessness and color a bit off-putting.  Nevertheless, transitioning is not an impossible feat if you know what to do. 

You could lift a piece of poop or a clump of urine from their old litter mixture and place it in the new batch of Pretty Litter. Once your cat notices the familiar smell, they’ll instantly know what the new litter is for. If that does not work, then you can fill the litter box with a 75:25 ratio of Pretty Litter and the old litter, respectively. Make sure the old litter is right on top; your cat will end up mixing it and, in turn, getting accustomed to it. 

How many bags of Pretty Litter Cat Litter do I need? 

Let’s start by saying that many factors determine the number of bags you’ll need. But here are some things you need to know either way. Every bag carries enough litter to fill a medium-sized litter box, which should measure about 16×12 inches. 

Note that this brand of kitty litter should reach a minimum depth of 2 inches, and that’s just for a litter box for one cat. For this measure, one bag should do the trick. But, if your cat’s litter box is a bit larger than the average one, you may have to buy two bags to achieve the right depth. 

The measure also changes when you’re dealing with a senior cat or an obese cat; then it’s a good idea to get a deeper litter box, let’s say, something with a depth of 3 inches. To fill that up, you’d need at least one and a half bags of kitty litter. That’s not all; if you’ve got a cat that tends to dig into their litter box, then you’ll really need that 3-inch depth. 

Let’s say you have more than one cat under your roof; then it’s a good idea to use at least one bag per cat. But if they each have their own litter boxes, it’s wise to use two bags for each box if one is used more than the other. 

Pretty Litter Review Summary

Pretty Litter and Pretty Please, though relatively new, are great products from a thoughtful brand. The kitty litter is not just a literal life saver, but it makes cleaning up after your cat a breeze. Even better is the fact that you’ll get good value for your money seeing as it’s basically the same price as other options you’d have delivered to your doorstep. 

As for the cat food, it’s a good balance of healthy and tasty. Yes, it is a bit more expensive than other brands, but the transparency, high-quality ingredients, and nutritional value offered is well worth the extra cost. Altogether, the convenience of having these products available on a monthly subscription basis makes them even more desirable considering the present climate.