Best Cat Litters 2021

Cat litter is one of the most important aspects of caring for your cat, looking at low dust output, odour control, easy cleaning and no tracking are all aspects of the best cat litters, these will result in a happy cat and a happy home.

If you’re wanting to keep your cat inside, you’ll need to get a litter box, and obviously cat litter. Our primary goal here is to help you both save and find the best cat litter for your kitten or cat. And how much research have you done? we’ve spent over 13 hours reviewing, rating and testing cat litters, ultimately saving you time and money.

A very well known behaviour specialist and feline training expert, Cathy Bosley, commented on litter boxes, “No one really enjoys using porta-potties, and if the litter box is not cleaned regularly, that is how it smells to a cat.” Still, some litters are better than others at controlling odor, minimizing dust, and appealing to picky kitties. Below, our panel of experts breaks down the best litters for all types of cats.”

The above really highlights how important it is to clean and obviously very good quality cat litter.

Take a look below at our comparison of all the best cat litters, with pros and cons of each, and selected both of on quality and price.

Top Cat Litter in 2021

  • Best Top Cat Litter: Catsan Clumping Cat Litter
  • Best Eco-Friendly Cat Litter: Greenwoods Plant Fibre Natural
  • Best Non-dust Cat Litter: Worlds Best Cat Litter
  • Best Dust-free Cat Litter: Breeder Celect Cat Litter
  • Best Crystal Cat Litter: Pretty Litter

Catsan Clumping Cat Litter

Bacteria reducing, clumping, odor elimination are all features from Catsan’s cat litter and lives up to its solid reputation and is a favorite among vets and cat trainers. Many customers have commented on its dust control and long-lasting, especially for those that have asthma or any type of allergies.

This litter is made from wheat-milling extracts, so otherwise would’ve gone to waste. Both biodegradable and completely sustainable, this is a great option if you’re a more eco friendly person.

An important advantage of using Catsan’s litter is it’s weight, as it’s a clay, it’s super light weight and both easy to carry and pour into a litter tray.

Greenwoods Plant Fibre Natural

Greenwoods has produced a natural and eco friendly cat litter, with having great clumping capabilities. It’s made with sustainable and eco-friendly tree fibers with no further chemicals. Greenwoods says it can absorb nearly 8 times it’s weight in liquid.

It also is a great non-dust cat litter, with also being verified as a flushable cat litter, but we generally don’t recommend flushing any type of cat litter. But, as this litter is eco-friendly you can put it in a compost bin, but it may smell, so again, think twice before doing that.

Worlds Best Cat Litter

Named ‘World’s best cat litter’ really sets it out, doesn’t it. And it’s definitely been put to the test due to this name. This particular cat litter is made from kernel corn and it’s 100% natural and no further chemicals making it eco-friendly.

Its website says that it’s 99% dust-free, and doesn’t contain many harmful dust particles, and it definitely safe for your cat.

This light weight unscented cat litter is very popular at the adoption agency Bideawee, and they like it simply because it has little to no dust and very helpful when you’re dealing with tens/hundreds of cats.

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Breeder Celect Cat Litter

Celect’s has produced this non-clumping cat litter in the UK, and is produced from 99% recycled paper, making it another eco-friendly initiative.

This particular cat litter is completely dust free, as it’s made from paper and made into pellets. The pellets aren’t hard either, it’s completely soft when your cat’s doing their business! – it’s very light weight so you can easily move and pour the litter into your cats litter tray.

Unfortunately, lightweight cat litters often become easier to move around, thus your cat may spill the litter around the litter tray compared to some other heavier litters.

If you’re in the UK, then transportation of the litter may be easier thus being even less impactful on the environment.

Pretty Litter

This brand we’ve been using for a couple of months, and you can see our summary in our Pretty Litter review, but overall it’s a great cat litter and deserves a position on our list. This particular list is made from nanocrystals, and instead of clumping it absorbs the liquid, and to great effect.

Pretty Litter states it can be flushed down the toilet, but we generally don’t recommend doing this. But, overall the crystals ensure 0% dust, ensuring better for those with allergies and asthma as well as your feline friend.

This cat litter will change in color once it comes into contact with liquid, so you can monitor your cat’s health.

Best Cat Litters FAQs

What type of cat litter should i have?

This really depends on a lot of variables. If you have a kitten or a cat, they’ll likely need a particular brand of cat litter. For kittens, we’d highly recommend the Catsan brand, whereas full grown cats may be comfortable with a brand like Breeder Celect, which is made from recycled paper.

Both long or short hair also depends on this, it can be trial and error on this one, but something like Catsan is more suitable for short-haired cats.

Where in my house does a litter tray go?

This can be a tricky question to answer, most of the time your cat will want it in a particular area, again, it might be trial and error, however, our cat Tatty likes her litter tray in the utility room, and we found this after plenty of tries.

Where to dispose of cat litter?

The best way to dispose of any cat litter is to use a cat scoop and then place in a biodegradable poop bag and thus into waste. We’d recommend not flushing even flushable cat litter down the toilet.

What type of litter tray should i have?