Fresh Step Cat Litter Review

You’re probably among the many pet-parents who totally adore their snuggly and smart feline friends, Fresh Step Cat Litter helps you keep that a thing. No doubt, they are cute and they provide so much love and comfort. However, they also poop and pee. That part is not so cute, is it? 

Well, that’s where cat litters come in because no pet-parent wants to constantly pretend that the strong ammonia smell that comes up very frequently isn’t bothersome. Cat litters help to alleviate that problem by soaking up urine and preventing any upsetting odors for a period of time. 

It’s important to note that not all cat litters deliver what they promise. However, the Fresh Step Cat Litter is won’t let you down. Continue reading for an in-depth review of Fresh Step. 

Fresh Step Products Review 2021

Clorox Company is behind Fresh Step’s successful brand. It changed from being known as the Clorox Chemical Company, and is now a parent company to pet brands like Scoop Away and Ever Clean. 

Since their debut into the pet litter market, the Fresh Step Brand has impressed with innovative products, and high-quality ingredients and formulations trusted by their customer base. Most of their products are made with sodium bentonite and clay mixes that either combine with activated charcoal or other antimicrobial agents. 

They also offer a range of products made with crystalized components such as silica gel, which is praised for its durability and high-capacity to keep foul smells at bay for longer. 

Furthermore, the Company equally provides a good selection of clumping and non-clumping litters, with options for one or multiple cats at the same time. These diverse formulas serve a wide range of purposes, and appeal to the preference, and even budgets of prospective and regular buyers. 

What’s even more impressionable about the Fresh Step Litters brand is how much they love to give back to the pet community. Not all pets are opportuned to have caring pet-parents who love and adore them, and that’s probably one of the many reasons why Fresh Step donates more than 1 million scoops of litter to various shelters across the country, every year.

That’s not all. There’s also a reward program for their loyal customers who keep coming back, to obtain bag after bag of quality litter. 

What’s even better is that pet parents are offered the Paw Points program, which allows customers to receive different benefits from buying and reviewing their products. They can choose to benefit from the rewards personally, or transfer points to their favorite shelter, so that they can get free beneficial pet products.

Why Choose Fresh Step Cat Litter Food?

Sticking with the Fresh Step Brand has a lot of advantages, and we’ll examine some of them below.

  1. Good array of products. 

The Fresh Step Brand is one of those cat litters companies that can boast of a wide range of high-quality and useful products, compared to other brands in the industry. Most of their products are actually clay-based, but there are still unique and excellent features that make each product stand out. 

So, apart from the diverse clay products, there are also crystalized litter materials that have improved odor-control and more longevity, clumping litters for both single or multi-cat homes, and even more affordable non-clumping options available. 

2. They come in different sizes.

In addition to their wide variety, Fresh Step equally provides products in different sizes. They have small bags of litter that weigh as little as 4 pounds and really large bags that weigh up to 42-pounds. So, for those who prefer just a little bag of litter per time, there’s always a bag compact and suitable enough for their needs, and vice versa. 

3. Excellent odor control. 

Fresh Step cat litter products have a dynamic feature that sets them apart when it comes to odor control. Once the litter is poured into the box, it gets even more activated once the cat or acts get in and start moving around. 

So, the materials are actually activated by the cats’ movements. This is a great feature when it comes to longevity, because only the litters that are moved around get activated–thereby preventing the odor control features from going to waste, if the cat rarely sleeps or urinates in the litter.

4. Prolonged odor-control. 

While other litter brands may promise more than four to seven days of odor-control, Fresh Step guarantees up to ten days. You can’t really do much better than that when it comes to quality pet litters. This function stands for both single and multi-cat litters, which shows how potent and high-quality their formulas are. They are unmistakably a highly-competitive brand with a lot to offer for households with pets. 

Fresh Step Cat Litter Products – The Top Three Reviewed

Fresh Step ProductsTypePrice/PoundRating
The Fresh Step Lightweight Extreme Cat LitterClumping$0.504.8/5
Fesh Step Extreme Odor-Control Scented Cat LitterClumping$0.384.5/5
Fesh Step Multi-cat Scoopable Clumping Cat LitterClumping$0.304.1/5
  1. The Fresh Step Lightweight Extreme Cat Litter.

Most pet-parents would rather take home quality over quantity, especially when the ‘quality’ in question last just as long as a larger portion of another litter would. That’s exactly what the Fresh Step Lightweight Extreme formula promises. First off, the 15.4-pound bag has the same features and potency as a 22-pound bag of an alternative litter, the only difference is, the lightweight formula is more portable. 

The formula is enriched with Febreeze, which is known to keep any cats litter box smelling fresh and clean for longer. That’s not all though; the scent the litter particles release is paw-activated, which means the litter materials won’t release their potent freshness until your cat actually makes use of it. That makes it easier for the formula to swing into action and cover up any odors before you even get a whiff of it. 

Thanks to the incorporation of activated charcoal, this formula also promises up to ten days of odor protection. That’s just two days shy of two weeks without having to empty the litter again. The materials are made with tinier granules that still absorb urine, and clump up effectively once they are wetted with urine. 

That’s what makes it easier to identify used litter areas, and scoop out those portions rather than emptying the entire box prematurely. Each bag of this formula is well-scented, and may be an issue for pet-parents that prefer unscented litters, but apart from that, it’s an exceptional formula when it comes to performance, size, convenience and reliability.

Key Features:

  • Scented.
  • Easy to scoop.
  • Excellent clumping action.
  • Great odor-control

2. Fesh Step Extreme Odor-Control Scented Cat Litter.

For pet-owners who don’t mind fragrant cat litters, the Fresh Step Extreme Odor Control Scented Formula is the one to consider. It’s equally enriched with Febreeze, but comes with a lovely mountain spring scent. However, it’s not just fresh and pleasant fragrance this formula brings to the table, it equally incorporates an ammonia blocking technology that fights strong odors that result from urine and feces droplets. 

It also features the paw-activation function that ensures the litter product only releases that fresh fragrance and odor-clocking feature when your cat uses the box. Plus, when they actually do a number one or two in the litter box, the wet areas clump up to indicate which areas have been affected. That way, pet parents can easily scoop up the clumps and discard them without feeling the need to empty out the entire litter. 

The clumps are quite tight and harden over time to ensure there’s no confusion about which part has been used, and the areas that are still fresh and untouched. That’s not all, in addition to the fast-acting fragrance formula, there’s a ClumpLock technology included to ensure the litter material absorbs liquid immediately and clumps up tightly in no time for easy scooping. 

Thanks to this technology, the litter should last for up to ten days as long as someone is scooping out the solid clumps regularly. All in all, this formula brought many features and innovative functions to the table, and it performed quite exceptionally. 

Key Features:

  • Excellent clumping action
  • Easy to scoop
  • Is a little bit dusty
  • Enriched with Febreeze.

3. Fesh Step Multi-cat Scoopable Clumping Cat Litter

For pet parents who have more than one cat, the Fresh Step Multi-Cat Scoopable Clumping Cat litter would be an excellent choice. The formula is highly enriched with materials that help to combat odors in multi-cat homes, while maintaining a fresh and well-scented environment for a good number of days. 

The formula guarantees up to ten days of odor free litter boxes, as long as the clumps are being scooped out regularly. It’s also quite effective thanks to the activated charcoal component, that ensures all foul odors are eliminated once the cat does a number in the litter box. 

The clumps are equally quite easy to scoop (as the name suggests). That’s because they form almost instantly into tight little balls without crumbling after contact with urine has been made. This formula also features the paw-activation function, which ensures a fresh burst of pleasant scents escape each time your cat wanders around its litter. 

The good thing about the fragrance is that it’s not so overwhelming, which is great for pet-parents that don’t like scented litters. However, the scent will be noticeable when you’re up and close to the litter. Apart from that, the litter wasn’t significantly dusty, and the materials worked excellently when tackling odors, clumping up tightly and preserving a fresh fragrance overtime. 

Key Features:

  • Excellent odor control
  • Affordable pricing
  • Great for multiple-cat households
  • Easy to scoop.

How Much Does Fresh Step Cat Litter Cost?

Fresh Step Cat litters come in different sizes and formulas, but it’s safe to say they are highly affordable as well. Their top litters cost about $0.50 per pound, and buyers can save even more when they purchase large bags of product. 

For the lightweight formula, interested buyers can get that at $0.30 per pound, which is quite reasonable for pet owners who have cats that don’t really go in their litter box. In general, the Fresh Step Brand is reasonably affordable and budget-friendly for those interested in saving a dollar or more on cat litters.

Fresh Step Review FAQs

Q: What kinds of Fresh Step Cat Litter are available?

A: One of the most remarkable things about Fresh Step Cat Litter brand is that it has one of the broadest ranges of products available, depending on customers preferences and demands. 

Below are the different types of Fresh Step litters:

  • Clay liters: Most people are accustomed to clay cat litters, and this is probably the reason why Fresh Step Litter products are mostly available in this form. However, they added a dynamic touch to each product, so each product has a distinct feature from the others. For example, while some may include activated carbon, others are mixed with plant extracts instead. 
  • Crystalized litters: These products contain certain crystalized bits mixed with clay that add even more useful features to the cats’ litter box. These crystals are usually small silica crystal beads that aid in odor reduction, and they are also known to be more durable than other forms. 
  • Non-clumping litters: These litters are excellent for eliminating unwanted odors even after a lot of urine has been absorbed. Some of these litters come with special additives like baking soda, to help control bad odors. They are usually made of clay, and are usually less expensive than clumping litters.
  • Clumping litters: Clumping litters help pet parents identify the areas where urine has been absorbed. So it’s easier to take out those ‘clumps’ without emptying the entire litter. 

In addition to this, Fresh Step Cat Litters also have scented and unscented options available, as well as boxes that contain litters for just a single cat, or multiple cats.

Q: Are Fresh Step Cat litter flushable?

It’s important to note that, most cat litters are majorly made with biodegradable materials. Materials like cedar sawdust, pine sawdust, pellets of pine, whole corn kernels, and sometimes, even tiny bits of newspapers. 

Thanks to the absence of synthetic materials, the such cat litters will conveniently flush down a toilet. However, in addition to the base materials Fresh Step Litters makes use of, there are other additives that include artificial chemicals that either aid with fast absorption, or the clumping of the wet litters. 

For this reason, it’s strongly advised to safely dispose of litters in a garbage bin, rather than attempting to flush them down the toilet. 

Q: Where is the Fresh Step Cat Litter sold?

Fresh Step Cat litters are quite available on both online and walk-in pet stores. Online shopping platforms like Amazon have them at retail price, and stores such as Walmart or target equally stock up on Fresh Step Litters. However, you can also check at a local pet store near you, or more popular ones such as PetSmart and Petco.

Fresh Step Cat Litter Review Summary

After a thorough review, the Fresh Step Cat litters products were quite exceptional, and the brand proved to have a good range of products to choose from. It’s left to you to scroll through the products types and sizes available and consider the options that are most suitable for you, and little mr./miss whiskers.