Hill’s Science Cat Food Review

If there’s one thing to worry about when you have a furry roommate to cater for, it’s what goes into their stomach. There’s no doubt about how important food brands are to pet-parents who want to give their cats the best, and Hill’s Science is one trusted option many are talking about. 

So is this cat food brand really worth the hype? To find the answer, stick around because this Hill’s Science Cat Food review will break it down. 

Hill’s Science Cat Food Review 2021

Before we jump into our review of Hill’s Science’s cat food products we’ll briefly show you how we’ve rated Hill’s Science like their product recall history and the ingredients quality and also why it deserves that rating below.

Take a look at the factors we’ve used to find our rating of Hill’s Science, take a look at about at our factors:

  • Product variety
  • Value for money
  • Ingredients quality
  • Veterinary products
  • Customer service
  • Recall History

About Hill’s Science

Hill’s Science brand goes all the way back to the early 1900s. What started as a rendering facility in 1907 gradually developed into a bigger unit with divisions for milling, and soon enough one that manufactured animal feed. 

About 40 years later, the Hill Packing Company gained a new prestigious partner; Dr. Mark L. Morris, a renowned veterinarian who successfully developed the first few clinical veterinary diets. Since Dr. Morris worked on pets with various diseases and deficiencies, it was easy for that knowledge, skill, and passion to be placed at the forefront. Morris and Hill worked together for years and have grown since then into what is popularly known as the Hill’s Pet Nutrition brand. 

It didn’t take long before the brand branched out again and diversified their pet nutrition into sub-lines like the famous Hill’s Science pet foods. However, in 1976, the company was bought by Colgate-Palmolive, but the brand name still remains, and its products are distributed and sold in more than 80 countries across the globe. 

Their main base is in Topeka, Kansas, but each facility boasts of numerous researchers, veterinarians, food scientists, nutritionists, and other highly-experienced developers. Their dedication to quality, well-sourced ingredients, and excellent nutrition is almost unquestionable. 

However, the company has had to recall some of its products off the market due to high levels of a certain vitamin. In 2014, 2015, 2017, and 2019, they recalled and withdrew some products off the market. That may be the reason why some recipes are no longer available. 

Apart from that, Hill’s Science Cat Food is still the recommended choice for pets, especially pets with certain health conditions. 

Hill’s Science Cat Food Recalls

Hill’s Science has had recalls in multiple years, with more than 30 cat products recalled in 2019, and 19 products recalled in 2020. In 2014, Hill’s Science recalled 62 bags of of Diet Dog Food in California, Nevada and Hawaii.

In 2019, Hill’s Science recalled canned dog food due to dangerously high levels of Vitamin D, and caused blood levels to soar because of the excessive Vitamin D. This could end up being fatal or organ failure.

Top Hill’s Science Cat Foods Options 

Hill’s ProductTypePrice/OunceRating
Hill’s Prescription Diet Multicare Wet Cat FoodWet$0.374.8/5
Hill’s Prescription Diet Dry Cat FoodDry$0.144.6/5
Hill’s Science Diet Adult Indoor Cat Food, Chicken Recipe Dry Cat FoodDry$0.264.4/5

1. Hill’s Prescription Diet Multicare Wet Cat Food

The Hill’s Prescription Diet Multicare Wet Cat Food was formulated for cats that have urinary tract issues. There’s no denying how common this ailment is among cats, and it’s really painful to watch them suffer. That’s why dietary foods like this chicken meal helped to soothe the symptoms and reduce them by almost 80%. 

Regardless of the type of infection, this cat food is enriched with nutrients that tackle struvite stones and bladder infections as well. According to Hill’s Science claims, this delicious, yet nutritious wet cat food will efficiently dissolve struvite stones between 7 to 27 days, depending on the severity. 

So, what if my cat doesn’t have any of these infections? Well, this food also works as a preventive measure. There’s no foretelling the future, and taking the necessary precaution is one of the smartest choices concerned pet parents can make. 

With this smart recipe enriched with ingredients like chicken and pork liver, the feed remains tasty even though some plant-based products are included in the mix. Ingredients like brewer’s rice, starch, and soybean are incorporated to make this meal even healthier. Plus, there’s a good amount of magnesium, calcium and phosphorus to tackle and reduce stone formation. 

There may be a concern about these plant-based ingredients messing with the general taste of the meal, but that’s well-covered by the additional chicken liver flavoring included for enhanced flavor. So, it’s not just the healthy choice to prevent or treat urinary tract infections, but it’s also quite tasty.

Key Ingredients:

  • Pork-by products 
  • Water
  • Pork liver
  • Chicken
  • Brewers rice
  • Chicken liver flavour
  • Fish oil
  • Guar gum for thickening

2. Hill’s Prescription Diet Dry Cat Food

For cats that prefer their kibbles to any type of wet food, the Hills Science Prescription Diet Dry Cat Food is the best alternative. However, unlike the wet canned option, these kibbles’ first ingredient is chicken and not pork-by products. Even though the recipe is not exactly the same, the Prescription Diet Dry food is just as potent when it comes to promoting urinary tract health. Just like the wet urinary care recipe, these kibbles supposedly alleviate the occurrence of symptoms by up to 89%. 

Thanks to the nutrients that are included in this recipe, it also works to improve the urine pH levels for better organ health. In addition, it’s known to reduce struvite stones, and also promote a healthy organ environment that will be less susceptible to such diseases in the future. The best thing about these kibbles is that they don’t have to be introduced only when there’s a problem. 

The rich nutritional formula and tasty flavor could work as your cat’s lifetime diet choice. However, just like the wet canned food, some of the ingredients are plant-based as well. So, the carbohydrate content is quite high, but with base ingredients like chicken and pork fat, the taste is well accounted for. 

The truth is, not all cats will immediately fall in love with these potent and tasty cat food bites, but when they do, their tummies and health, in general, will thank you for it. 

Key Ingredients:

  • Chicken
  • Whole grain corn
  • Brewer’s rice
  • Fish oil
  • Pork fat
  • Soybean oil
  • Whole grain wheat

3. Hill’s Science Diet Adult Indoor Cat Food, Chicken Recipe Dry Cat Food

Outdoor cats practically live by their own rules, plus they probably like to catch and eat their own food as well. Some of them may come in for a quick meal before heading back to the great outdoors, but it’s more challenging to shape their routine. 

Indoor cats, on the other hand, sometimes live more guarded and privileged lives. But that also means it’s more likely for them to be less active. That’s why the Hill’s Science Diet Adult Indoor Cat Food was formulated, to ensure those furry felines guarded by the walls of your home still enjoy a healthy life. 

The feed comes with high levels of fiber which promotes easier digestion, and it’s also quite filling. It’s a great option for cats that are on the verge of obesity, or have already crossed that line. With a diet that’s more filling, they’ll be encouraged to eat and demand for less portions while enjoying a rich formula that benefits their health in other ways. 

The potent blend of Omega-6 fatty acids equally helps to improve the cats’ skin and coat, ensuring they are, and look healthy both in and out. That’s not all; in addition to the fiber and beneficial fatty oils, Hill’s Science also included some fruits and vegetables in this formula, like green peas, cranberries and carrots for their all-round health. It may not sound like the staple food for a cat, but that’s probably why Hill’s Science is uniquely and distinctively popular and preferred by pet-parents. 

Key Ingredients:

  • Chicken
  • Whole grain wheat
  • Dried beet pulp
  • Powdered cellulose
  • Fish oil
  • Chicken fat
  • Soybean oil.

Why Choose Hills Science Cat Food?

Hill’s Science can be a great option for the majority of cats that suffer from health problems, altogether Hill’s Science is a good option for most cat owners. We slightly disagree with Hill’s statement of corn and high-carbohydrates offer good nutrients for cats, but we’ve found some fairly positive things about Hill’s.

  1. They are made with high-quality and tasty ingredients.

Many brands focus more on getting their flavors right, and in doing so, they compromise on the nutritional values of each recipe. However, with Hill’s Science cat food, each recipe is packed with nutritional value without diminishing the tasty flavors of each pack/can either. 

They have made the fact that ‘cat food can still be tasty even when it’s highly healthy’ believable. Each can or bag of kibbles is packed with flavor and contains major nutritional ingredients that are beneficiary to normal and healthy growth. High-quality ingredients such as salmon, chicken and lamb feature in all recipes, and these three nutrient-rich ingredients are their major protein go-to’s. 

So, while each cat is chewing away on their delicious plate of Hill’s Science food products, pet-owners can rest assured knowing that their furry friends are getting the optimal nutrition from each serving. 

2. It comes highly recommended by veterinarians. 

When more than five veterinarians agree on a popular food brand for pets, then you know it’s good. It’s safe to say that vets know all there is to know about the best animal nutrition, and the brands that provide it. So, their stamp of approval on Hill’s Science food products is the ultimate go-ahead to purchase a recipe or two for your furry friend(s). 

As with other pet food brands, most pet dieticians and vets have probably scrutinized the recipe list, quality of feed and the noticeable health results in cats over the years. And since Hill’s Cat food uses biology-based nutritional ingredients in each can/bag, their decision is understandable. It’s also common knowledge that reliable vets from across the globe were consulted when creating each staple formula. 

3. It’s a pet-friendly and reliable brand.

Some brands are in the market to make a fortune, while brands like Hill’s Science came in because of their compassion towards pets. Do you doubt that? Well, just read their origin story. The truth is, it’s only true pet-lovers who can put certain selfish interests aside and make tasty recipes that benefit pet’s healthy well-being as a whole. 

Although their recipes have controversial reviews, there’s no doubt how much work Hill’s puts into making recipes that help alleviate certain health conditions, and supplement for important nutrients. Additionally, it shows in the quality of food they let out, and after decades of being in existence, that dedication to quality has not changed. 

Their facilities are cleaned and regularly inspected to ensure all ingredients are safe for pet consumption, and the environs are sanitary enough to keep producing pet food. 

4. They are one of the pet-food brands insistent on making balanced-diet recipes. 

It’s a well-known fact that cats are carnivorous animals, that means the types of foods they are accustomed to are mostly meat-based. While it’s wise for most food brands to tailor their recipes to these carnivorous felines’ biological needs, it’s equally important to provide them with a balanced diet. 

It seems that’s one factor Hill’s Science doesn’t take for granted, even though they are highly criticized for it. In addition to that, each recipe is formulated according to the pets’ age, size, health needs and lifestyle. 

Hill’s Science Review FAQs 

Q: What are the main Ingredients included in the Hill’s Science Cat Food Brand?

A: Hill’s Science includes a wide range of healthy ingredients on each recipe; however, the three that majorly ‘feature’ in each formula are named below. 

  • Proteins:

Seeing that cats are carnivorous animals; the first base ingredient is usually a protein with a lot of nutritional values. Plus, they ensure each protein option is the main ingredient, which enhances the taste especially for picky eaters. Some of the proteins they use include; chicken, salmon and lamb meat. They equally incorporate some healthy dairy products to contribute to the normal growth and well-being of each cat.

  • Fiber: 

Every cat needs a diet that easily digests and adds to its overall well-being. Even more, indoor or senior cats that carry out less activities need it even more. Another side benefit to a fiber-rich diet is how filling such ingredients can be. So, while it helps in fast and easy digestion, such meals also discourage overeating. P.S, pet-parents with overweight cats may want to choose such formulas that will help with weight management. 

  • Fish Oil: 

Fish oil is a rich ingredient that’s beneficial for kittens and older cats alike. It’s one superfood that helps to boost immunity and ensure proper growth and development. With vitamins like Omega-6 and 3 fatty acids, it’s also an excellent ingredient for improving your kitty’s coat and skin. There’s also the power-packed vitamin A which helps to improve eyesight and works great for the immune system as well. 

Q: What do customers think about the brand?

A: Hill’s is quite a popular pet food brand in such a congested industry, that’s probably because it comes highly approved by vets, and most animal shelters use it as well. However, it’s not without its naysayers; we’ve seen them survive lawsuits, recalls and strong criticism in the industry. But, amid the hear-say and accusations, what do the actual customers say about the brands’ products? They are surely mixed feedback. 

While a good number of Hill’s buyers swear by the quality consistency, nutritious value and value for money the brand guarantees, others have opposing views. It’s important to state that many customers noticed significant change in their pet’s health after using recipes like the Multicare Urinary Care Dry/wet cat food. 

On the other hand, some customers reported that their cat’s had difficulties consuming the large kibble sizes, while some even rejected the food altogether. A good number of customers are also concerned about the high prices, especially when there’s no guarantee their pets will like the food. 

Q: How much does Hill’s Science Cat Food Brand cost?

A: Talking about the price of the various recipes Hill’s Science provides, there are some products that are relatively affordable, while some are more on the high side. Some recipes like the Hill’s prescription Diet canned food could cost up to $3.05 per day to feed a cat that weighs about 10 lbs. The Hill’s Ideal Balance feed would cost about $3.63 per day. 

Their dry food costs less when compared to the wet canned food options, however. The feed per day would cost about $0.52 for the Hill’s Prescription Diet Kibble. 

Q: Where is Hill’s Science Cat Food Sold?

A: Thanks to the popularity of this particular brand, the Hill’s Science cat food recipes can be bought via online retail stores and walk-in stores as well. It’s also quite popularly-recommended by vets, so it’s possible there are some yummy flavors at your pet doctors’ office. 

However, if you want a bag or bags/cans delivered to your doorstep, then online retail stores like Amazon or Chewy would be a great market platform to browse through. Retailers like Petco or Walmart should also have practically all the recipes and flavors available. 

Hill’s Science Cat Food Review Summary

While the Hill’s Science brand can boast of tasty and nutritious recipes from dry chicken nugget-pieces to wet food medleys of chicken and rice, or even the specialized cans that help alleviate certain health conditions, it’s not every cat’s preference. Some cats prefer smaller kibbles while some don’t mind the taste and texture of the various recipes. 

However, there’s no mistaking how much nutritional research is employed when formulating each food type, especially for the recipes that help with certain health conditions or serve as diet supplements. 

There’s equally no doubt that their recipes can help with a range of health issues in cats, however, it may not be the best daily food choice for some. Their inclusion of plant-based ingredients like corn and wheat may be nutritious, but some people don’t agree that such carbs belong in a carnivore’s food plan. However, if you’re looking for a reliable brand that offers delicious cans/bags of wet and dry cat food, this veterinarian-approved cat food brand should certainly be among the options. 

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