Best Dry Cat Foods (Premium Dry Cat Foods 2021)

When it comes to the choice of food, it’s not only humans that are picky and challenging. When it comes to cats, they are quite choosy as well. And you would not want to make your little feline friend angry or disturbed. For this, we have come up with some of the best dry cat foods items for your cats.   

You can choose the perfect ingredients and come up with a perfect dish for your cat, easily filling that cat food bowl, but why going through all the trouble when you can get all the ingredients mixed in a single pack of kibble diet.

Diet is extremely important for cats just like it is for humans. A proper diet can make your cat happy and cheerful for the day, so the best cat foods will contain the correct amount of vitamins and proteins. The opposite case is also there. So, it is important to choose the perfect cat foods for your cats.’s Picks For The Best Dry Cat Foods

Here’s a brief look at the best premium dry cat foods today

  • Best Pick: Rachael Ray Nutrish Dry Cat Food
  • Best Budget: Meow Mix Tender Centers Dry Cat Food
  • Best Variety: Purina ONE Tender Selects Blend Adult Dry Cat Food
  • Best Grain Free: Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Grain Free
  • Best for Kittens: Iams Proactive Kitten Dry Cat Food
  • Best Protein: Purina Beyond Grain-Free Dry Cat Food
  • Best Raw: Instinct Raw Boost Grain-Free Dry Cat Food
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Rachael Ray Nutrish Super Premium Dry Cat Food

Weight: 3-14lb | Flavors: Chicken, Beef Fish, | Fat content: 10% | Protein: 32%

We’ve reviewed Rachel Ray before and determined it specializes in pet food and provides a large variety of food for cats as well as dogs. Their food is specially prepared with the best recipes keeping all the necessary ingredients in mind. The Nutrish Super Premium Dry Cat Food is one of their best sellers. This item is offered in three styles. The first one is a blend of chicken, lentils, and salmon. The second one contains turkey, chickpeas, and salmon and the third one offers chicken, chickpeas, and salmon. This means you can choose from any three combinations of flavors. 

They offer three packing sizes in 3lb, 6lb, and 14lb so you can easily choose the most appropriate one for your cat depending on the need. All the ingredients are super fresh and grown under their supervision. Including this, each one of the ingredients has its benefit. The salmon and lentils support the dietary system of indoor cats. For proper digestive flow, they have also added natural prebiotics from the pumpkin. The food also contains anti-oxidant rich berries that help support a healthy immune system. It also contains added vitamins, minerals, and amino acids that are essential parts of a perfect diet. 

The Rachel Ray Nutrish Super Dry Cat Food is suitable for cats of all ages and is one of the best choices for your cats. 

Best Dry Cat Foods Meow Mix
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Meow Mix Tender Centers Dry Cat Food

Weight: 3-13.5lb | Flavors:  Chicken | Fat content: 12% | Protein: 36%

Secondly, we have the Meow Mix Tender Centers Dry Cat Food. Meow Mix, being one of the most prominent sellers of car food and similar products in the category, has become a veteran in the field. Their taste and composition are liked throughout the region. This is one of the fine products. 

The Meow Mix Tender Centers Dry Cat Food comes with five different combinations of flavors divided between Chicken, Tuna, Whitefish, Salmon, Beef, and Turkey. Each one of the five flavors contains a mixture of two ingredients mentioned above. They offer three types of packaging with 3lb, 13.5lb, and a pack of 4 x 3lb packets so the customer can conveniently choose the best according to need. 

As mentioned above, the food is accurately filled with all the essential nutrients in the most balanced amounts. The food offers a crunchy layer on the outside and a soft, meaty layer on the inside to enhance the taste. The main flavors present outside makes the food tasty and attractive for the cats. Meow Mix’s Dry Cat Food has no age limit and is suitable for cats of all ages. Including this, the product is prepared locally with care. For the people, who are conscious about choosing the most balanced food for their cats, this is the right choice for them. 

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Purina ONE Tender Selects Blend Adult Dry Cat Food

Weight: 3-14lb | Flavors: Chicken, Beef Fish, | Fat content: 10% | Protein: 32%

Here is another good product for your cats. Purina ONE is another one of the prominent companies with a large database of customers. With its big online store, you can find any kind of food for your cat or dog. 

Coming to the product, the Purina ONE Dry Cat Food mainly comes in flavors, Salmon and Chicken. But having only two flavors makes them offer a complete contribution to these two. You will be satisfied when you will learn about the ingredients. The packaging is quite full of options here with 3.5lb, 7lb, 16lb, 22lb, and a pack of 4 x 3lb bags. 

The food is mainly best for adult cats. As salmon and chicken are the main ingredients here, it is enriched with proteins. The salmon and chicken added as the main ingredients in the food are the finest ones of all. The high amounts of protein are very beneficial for muscles. This supports the point that this product is mainly suitable for adult cats. 

When it comes to nutrients, you can find protein, fat, fiber, calcium, vitamins, zinc, phosphorus, and many others. All the nutrients are present in the most accurately balanced amounts. You can even found trace amounts of different nutrients just to make it perfect for cats. Purina ONE’s Dry Car Food is overall, a good choice for your cats.  

Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Grain Free Dry Cat Food

Weight: 3-14lb | Flavors: Chicken, Beef Fish, | Fat content: 10% | Protein: 32%

For the next one, we have Blue Buffalo Natural Dry Car Food. Any pet owner would be quite familiar with their name. Blue Buffalo deals in the best food products for cats and dogs. You can get plenty of food items of various types from their online store. This is one of their renowned products. 

Blue Buffalo Natural Dry Cat Food is only offered in chicken flavor. The packaging is also limited to only an 11lb pack. But there is no need to underestimate them as they know what’s better for your feline friends. Packed with all the natural ingredients in the most balanced amounts, their dry cat food is something special.  

Coming to the ingredients, chicken being the major one enriches it with a high flow of proteins which makes it highly beneficial for your cats’ muscle mass. Secondly, they eliminate any quantity of gluten from the food which makes it free of grains and eases digestion. Including this, their formula contains exclusive LifeSource Bits, a precise blend of antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals carefully selected by veterinarians and animal nutritionists to support immune system health, life stage requirements, and a healthy oxidative balance.

With a rich taste and special ingredients, Blue Buffalo is liked throughout the region and it is a great choice for your cats. 

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Iams Proactive Kitten Dry Cat Food

Weight: 3-14lb | Flavors: Chicken, Beef Fish, | Fat content: 10% | Protein: 32%

Heading to the next product, we have Iams Proactive Dry Cat Food. Iams is also one of the major manufacturers of pet food. But the unique thing about them is the health factor they add to their foods. Iams Dry Cat Food contains all the natural elements that are mainly targeted towards tasks like building up the immune system, promote healthy brain development, and support growth. So, with this type of food, there is no need for you to worry about your cat’s health. 

Instead of flavors, they offer food in two categories, a bundle of dry and wet food and dry food only. This makes it extremely easy for the owners to choose what their cats like. In the packing department, you can get four types of sizes 3.5lb, 7lb, 16lb, and a special 7lb bag with 24 trays. With the special tray feature, you can easily feed the right amount to your cats without worrying about overfeeding. Chicken is the main ingredient here as well. 

As the chicken is the main ingredient, you can expect a rich amount of proteins in it. Including this, the other nutrition elements are all added on the most balanced amounts. Their food is formulated with nutrients like those in mother’s milk, including vitamin E to help kittens build strong immune defenses and Omega 3 DHA to promote healthy brain development. The food is organized into small-sized kibbles that are easy to pick and eat.

Overall, if you are concerned about the health of your cats, then Iams Proactive Dry Cat Food is the best choice for you. 

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Purina Beyond Grain-Free Dry Cat Food

Weight: 3-14lb | Flavors: Fish | Fat content: 10% | Protein: 32%

Here is a unique one from Purina Beyond. Enough with the same types of ingredients every time. Why don’t we try something new for our cats? Well, here is the perfect product. Purina Beyond Natural Dry Cat Food comes with some of the most interesting ingredients you can find. 

You can choose among four different flavors including Icelandic Arctic Char, Pacific Tuna, Ocean Whitefish, and Egg, and the last one, Salmon, Egg, and Sweet Potato. These are some interesting flavors your cat would love to try. They offer three types of packaging 3lb, 5lb, and 11lb. The most suitable age range is adult cats. 

Coming to the ingredients, you will get pure whitefish which is a good source of proteins and many other essential nutrients. The egg which is also a rich protein source adds to the benefits. The food is also gluten and grain-free which makes it easy for cats to digest. Also, they add natural prebiotics for good digestive health. Their food is also free of any artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives that are harmful to the cats.

Purina Beyond Natural Dry Cat Food is something new and interesting for your cats. So, you must give it a try for sure.   

Instinct Raw Boost Grain-Free Dry Cat Food

Weight: 3-14lb | Flavors: Chicken, Beef Fish, | Fat content: 10% | Protein: 32%

Lastly, we have a product from Instinct. The special thing about Instinct is that all their food products are crafted from completely raw items. So, you cannot find even a little pinch of added artificial flavors. 

They mainly offer this food product in three flavors. You can choose among chicken, duck, and salmon all of which are rich sources of proteins. The packaging department also offers four choices. You can choose among 2lb, 4.5lb, 5lb, and 10lb bags. The food is offered in all three types, raw, dry, and frozen. Another special thing about this product is that it is suitable for cats of all ages. So, with this product, you don’t have to worry about any age restrictions. 

Coming to the ingredients and composition, as mentioned earlier, Instinct prepares their food from completely fresh raw products. Their raw food offers probiotics to support healthy digestion and omegas for skin & coat. The food is also grain-free for easy digestion. The raw flavor behaves like actual raw food for the cats and it makes even the extremely picky cats love it. 

Instinct Raw Dry Cat Food is packed with all the natural ingredients and is one good choice for your cat. 

Best Diet for Cats

A perfect cat diet contains balanced amounts of proteins, amino acids, fats, vitamins, minerals, and water. Meat and fish are the best sources of proteins. Milk contains fats and calcium while vitamins and minerals can be found in fruits. You should prefer dry food but wet food mixed with water is also a choice. Again, it is difficult for a person to mix all these things in the perfect amounts and it will also take time. So as compared to these, you can go with the pre-made kibble diet with all the essential ingredients in the perfect amounts. So, let’s jump to the main part and have a look at some best dry cat food items. 

Dry Cat Food Summary

Well, people usually think that cats can be fed anything but this thing is wrong. There are many potential diets for cats. But it can be hard to determine which one is better for them. Different cats have different likings. The best thing to feed your cat is a pre-made kibble diet. This type of food carries many advantages over other food items. Firstly, it is safer than other foodstuffs. Secondly, it is manufactured by renowned and professional companies that have a complete study of cats. That makes them know exactly what to put in their foods. Also, this diet can be easily digested by cats. It can be stored for a long time and it will stay fresh. For example, Blue Buffalo and Purina ONE are two of the best Kibble diet brands. Including this, you can also use a prescribed diet plan made by a vet. It will also be better for your cat.