Best Wet Cat Foods 2021

Wet cat food and dry cat food are two different options, especially when in comparison to our feline friends. Both of these have their benefits, wet cat food mainly consists of hydration and dry food is mainly to do with cost and ease of use, but at the end of the day, wet cat food will be your felines choice. 

Most will just walk into their supermarket and choose a big brand like Whiskas, but, we’re here to compare all the options for our cats.

Today, we’ll take a look at the top six best wet cat foods for your feline friend!’s Picks for Best Wet Cat Foods

  • Best Overall: Lily’s Kitchen Wet
  • Best Budget: Nature’s Menu
  • Best Variety: Catz Finefood Wet Cat Food
  • Best Complete: Animonda Canry Wet
  • Best Health: Royal Canin Feline Health Loaf

Now, take a look below at the best wet cat foods reviewed, with all the information, price and more.

Lily’s Kitchen Wet

Weight: 3-14lb | Flavors: Chicken, Beef Fish, | Fat content: 10% | Protein: 32%

Lily’s Kitchen wet cat food is produced in the United Kingdom, and shouts with premium quality and a favourite with our cats. It’s also organic, which is a bonus. 

Their cat food comes in turkey, chicken, fish, or lamb flavors, so all of these can be tried by your feline friend. 

Customer review: I’ve got a really fussy elderly cat, who runs up to his dinner now when he sees me with a bundle. His coat is bright, he has more strength, and for him it’s better than the supermarket things which contain a lot more chemicals. I’ve switched to this cat and the dried Canagan food from high road brands that it was on now, he’s a very happy cat. This could be soothing if I bankrupt myself feed him 

Nature’s Menu

Weight: 3-14lb | Flavors: Chicken, Beef Fish, | Fat content: 10% | Protein: 32%

Nature’s Menu is by far the nearest contender to Lily’s Kitchen cat food. This premium high-quality complete cat food marks some of the best reviews across the feline industry. Nature’s Menu has plenty of balanced raw materials and is free from grains, additives, and any other harmful products.  

Chicken, fish and beef are all selections from Nature’s menu, less than Lily’s kitchen, but nevertheless. The selection pack offers all the flavours, so you can test them all out with your feline friend. 

Catz Finefood

Weight: 3-14lb | Flavors: Chicken, Pheasant, Lamb, Buffalo | Fat content: 10% | Protein: 32%

Cats Finefood is a German produced cat food, and obviously designed very well. It has wonderful flavours and a great range of products. 

With a huge variety of nutritional products, from duck to shrimp, Finefood offers a great list of products.

Here is all the flavours from Catz Finefood: 

  • Chicken & Pheasant 
  • Poultry & Shrimp 
  • Lamb and Buffalo 
  • Chicken & Tuna
  • Venison & Redfish
  • Beef & Duck

Animonda Canry Wet

Weight: 3-14lb | Flavors: Chicken, Beef Fish, | Fat content: 10% | Protein: 32%

Another German made cat food is Animonda, which is a complete cat food set with high quality meta and great nutrients and also has a great CA:PH balance. 

Animonda produces one of the top beef flavoured cat foods in the market, so if your cat is a lover of beef, this wet cat food might be the best option. 

We’d recommend you picking the largest pack for the selection and great value for money.

Royal Canin Feline Health Loaf

Weight: 3-14lb | Flavors: Chicken, Beef Fish, | Fat content: 10% | Protein: 32%

Royal Canin is possibly one of the most well known brands, this product is more suited for older kittens. 

This product has a great mix of proteins, carbs, and fats, and is complete wet cat food, so this is really a great choice for that older kitten, in the < 1-year-old range. Royal Canin has also includes plenty of fiber and prebiotics to ensure it’s easy on your kitten’s stomach! 

Royal Canin produces some of the most popular options in this market and deserves a position on this list. 

How We Evaluate The Best Wet Cat Food

Like most cat foods, your cat’s dietary needs are paramount of importance, how much you feed your kitten or cat is also very important. Most cat foods will need a sufficient amount of proteins, cats are carnivores and eat meat naturally, so proteins are very important.

Both dry and wet cat foods have good nutrients for a cat, but as mentioned above wet cat foods contain plenty of water. You’ll see that cat food will be labeled with ‘Complete’ and ‘Complementary’ – Complete meaning that your cat won’t need any more nutrients other than the food, whereas complementary merely adds to existing nutrients. 

Cats need a certain amino acid to build proteins, called taurine, so products with taurine are heavily rated here. 

Here are the important factors of great wet cat food: 

  • Protein
  • Nutrients (Complete vs Complementary) 
  • Amount of Fillers/Chemicals 

Wet Cat Foods Summary

The best option for wet cat food is by far Lilly’s kitchen followed by Nature’s menu both offering great flavours, and complete cat food to ensure a full stomach of nutrients. Whereas Royal Canin’s Feline Loaf is great for kittens due to it’s advanced nutrient structure for a great and healthy stomach. 

Wet Cat Food vs Dry Cat Food

Dry cat food is usually more cheap and obviously tends to be more convenient and maintenance friendly, you can also buy huge amounts of dry cat food without a worry of it going off, etc. 

Wet cat food is often better for more ill cats like those who can’t smell as well and have missing teeth, so wet cat food is generally better for the cat itself. 

We recently read that dry cat food is better for teeth, due to the hardiness then cleaning teeth, but this is a myth and has nothing to do with a cat’s feline health. As cats are carnivores, their teeth are designed to shred, not grind, so wet cat food is better suited for dental health. 

The added moisture in wet cat food is great for hydration. It’s argued that cats have come from desert animals, so they take most of their water from food, it’s why dogs drink more than cats. 

Tend to look for around 65% moisture in the cat food, that’s about right for most cats to sustain a healthy diet. Some of the products listed here may have a slightly higher percentage, but it’s highly unlikely this will result in a negative way.