Whiskas Cat Food Review

When it comes to cat food and pet food as a whole, the world is not lacking in brands, flavors, and textures. That is why every pet owner should set time aside to research and dig up information about anything they are planning to feed their fur babies. For that reason, we have come up with this article that gives extensive information about the Whiskas cat food brand; both good and bad.

Everything from the major ingredients used in their formula to their recall history is thoroughly recollected below. At the end of it all, you should be able to determine whether Whiskas cat food brand is one you and your pet are comfortable with.

About Whiskas Cat Food Brand

This cat food company has been around since 1936, but back then they went by the name Kal Kan. At that point, the brand was only prominent in the United States, with its headquarters in California. Judging by the date, it is evident that they were one of the first pet food brands to spring up. It was not until 1988 that they emerged as Whiskas.

But, before that, in 1958, they entered the UK market and equally broke out in the European market at large. The brand in its entirety is owned by Mars Petcare which happens to be one of the most prominent pet food companies globally. They are also presently a subsidiary of Pedigree Petfoods.

Altogether, they are one of the most far-reaching pet food brands on the market today. With such a global presence, one might wonder where the brand sources and produces its cat food. In the United States of America, their products are manufactured in McLean, Virginia by Pedigree Petfoods. It is only logical that they have other manufacturers around the world who cater to their foreign market.

Why Choose Whiskas Cat Food?

– Variety

Anyone opting for Whiskas cat food is sure to find something that suits their cat at all life stages. So, whether you have a kitten, adult, or elderly cat, there is cat food available to support their development at any stage of their lives. Besides catering to your cat’s needs at every life stage, Whiskas also produces food that comes in different textures and consistencies to suit your pet’s preferences or needs.

In other words, there is a wide range of wet and dry cat food to pick from, so your pet can get the full Whiskas experience.

– Taste

Saying that Whiskas cat food tastes good is not part of some elaborate marketing strategy, pet owners can attest to the fact that their cats go wild for this food option. Especially when it comes to the gravy used in wet food, cats practically lick their plates clean when done with their meal.

Besides the gravy, the chunks of meat in the wet food are also quite prominent, they do not just get lost in the mix. That is enough to keep any cat coming back for another bite. It’s not just their wet food, but the dry food options also make for a tasty treat for your fur baby.

So, this is a great cat food option for even the pickiest eaters, because their recipes really know how to entice cats.

– Protein content

Protein is a very important component of any feline’s diet. If you notice, out in the wild, their ancestors only feast on the carcasses of animals they hunt down, so they are basically powering through life on a high protein diet. They may not be out in the wild, but household cats need a good dose of protein to function and thrive.

Thankfully, Whiskas products are loaded with high levels of protein which go a long way to support your cat’s carnivorous diet.

– Cost

This is the main selling point of Whiskas products as a whole, they come at such an affordable price that most cat owners can afford them. There is no need to break the bank to give your pet a delicious and nutritious meal. Their prices are incredibly pocket-friendly and have even tagged them as one of the cheapest cat food brands on the market. As such, there is something for everyone under the Whiskas umbrella.

Ingredients List


As it is meant to be with cat food, Whiskas uses protein as the first ingredient in all their formulas. Cats require a truckload of protein to live a healthy life and thrive as a whole. Unlike humans who use carbs and fat for energy, cats use protein as an energy source. So, without an adequate amount, they are sure to crash and burn.

Additionally, they need specific amino acids (protein building blocks) to facilitate the development and growth of lean muscle. Whiskas products have a high protein content, but you have to look out for the type of protein used. While some Whiskas products use high-quality protein as their first ingredient, some do not.

Meat/Chicken By-products

You must admit, once the word ‘by-products’ is slapped on the ingredients section, it makes some pet owners cringe. But, they can contain some clean innards that your cat’s ancestors are probably binging on in the wild. When cleaned out, these are healthy parts that account for the tastiness of the food and a huge chunk of the protein content.

Whiskas uses both meat and chicken by-products in many of their formulas, and maybe that is why they are so tasty and protein-packed. The downside is that many of their formulas have some sort of by-product listed as the first ingredient and this comes across as low-quality protein.

– Minerals and vitamins

Whiskas cat food is packed with vitamins and minerals that go a long way to ensure that cats lead a full and healthy life. Many of their formulas contain Vitamin A in the form of fish oil which goes a long way to boost and support their vision and a robust immune system as a whole. There are other vitamins such as C, D, and E that contribute toward the general wellbeing of your pet.

Then the minerals are equally prominent in all formulas, these perform more specific duties like enhancing healthy skin and coat (Omegas) and building healthy bones and teeth (calcium).

Whiskas Cat Food – Top 5 Foods

1. WHISKAS CHOICE CUTS Pouch Chicken Dinner in Gravy No one needs to tell you that this is a tasty and enticing choice for your pet. The WHISKAS Choice cuts Pouch Chicken Dinner in Gravy is just what the doctor ordered for picky eaters. The formula contains a mixture of tasty chunks of meat that are marinated in flavorful and robust sauces. Since it is stored in a sealed flavor-lock pouch, this traps in the natural flavors and makes it even more delicious.

But, not only does it taste good, this is a highly nutritious option for pets. It is quite rich in protein, with the primary source being chicken. However chicken is not the only source of protein here, there are also some meat by-products that are sourced from pigs, cows, and sheep.

Many cat owners like the fact that this recipe does not contain any BHA or BHT and as such, it probably won’t cause any long-term issues. Despite the downsides here, this is a good choice since the macronutrient distribution is just right for carnivores and that makes it a lot better than options that are either plant-sourced or packed with carbs and starches.

This wet cat food option is perfect for adult cats and provides a balanced diet and the nutritional value that is needed to keep your pet healthy. The fact that it is highly affordable makes it an even better choice for pet owners who are looking for a good meat-based cat food option.

Key Ingredients

  • Chicken
  • Meat by-products
  • Wheat gluten
  • Starch
  • Fish Oil (Preserved With Mixed Tocopherols)
  • Salt


This is a meat-packed option that cats have no choice but to love, the taste and flavor is nothing short of delicious. If you are looking to amp up the real meat in your cat’s diet then WHISKAS PURRFECTLY Wet Cat Food is the way to go. Chicken is the main protein used here and it is soaked in its natural juices and succulent gravy that your pet will love.

The best part is the flavor-lock pouch seals that divide the meals into portions that are practically ready to serve. Even more, this method of delivery ensures that the flavor is locked in ready for your pet to feast on. As such, the formula will taste great every single time you offer it to your pet. The pack itself contains 24 packs of 3 oz. pouches which means you will feed your pet for quite some time.

Even better is the fact that this product contains 9% crude protein which is perfect to support a typical cat’s lifestyle. Despite this, the food contains some preservatives that are potentially harmful to your cat’s health. The cat food also comes in a caramel color which is possibly carcinogenic in nature. When you add the collection of preservatives to that, this is technically not one of the safest options out there. Nevertheless, it is species-appropriate and is as affordable as they come.

Key Ingredients

  • Chicken
  • Liver
  • Soy oil
  • Wheat gluten
  • Thiamine Mononitrate
  • Natural flavors

Whiskas Kitten Chicken and Turkey Flavors Dry Cat Food

It is no secret that kittens need a different sort of diet to thrive and grow into thriving adult cats. With that in mind, Whiskas Kitten Chicken and Turkey Flavors Dry Cat Food is a great option to start your cat off on. As it is with all Whiskas products, this food option is as tasty as they come and is packed with a good measure of crude protein which is completely species-appropriate.

This poultry-flavored treat is enticing to even the pickiest eaters, what cat can resist the taste of turkey and chicken. Also, the fact that the kibble is not jumbo-sized makes it a lot easier for kittens to grind them with their developing teeth. To further enhance growth and development, this option is formulated using DHA which naturally occurs in mother’s milk.

It goes a long way to ensure that your fur baby experiences optimum cognitive development. Even more, it is packed with a range of essential nutrients that go a long way to benefit your cat holistically. For instance, there is calcium which is great for their bones and teeth. Their formula also offers a range of health benefits such as healthy skin and a shiny coat, it also promotes healthy vision as your pet advances in age.

On the downside, the main protein source here is by-product meal which is not definite meat. So, that is something to watch out for.

Key Ingredients

  • Poultry
  • Brewers rice
  • Animal fat
  • Fish oil
  • Taurine


Whiskas dry cat food is tasty, but nothing beats those real cuts of meat that are saturated with flavor and their natural juices. With WHISKAS PURRFECTLY Chicken Wet Cat Food cats get that natural meatiness they love and so much more. But it is not all about the taste with these morsels and gravy, this cat food is all about convenience and delivering carnivore appropriate meals.

To that effect, they are stored in nice and portable, easy-to-serve pouch seals. So, you do not have to portion it out yourself. That is not all, it is not just a chicken-flavored meal you get in this value pack, there are four chicken entrees, three chicken and beef entrees, and three chicken and duck entrees. Altogether, this adds a little bit of variety to the mix so your cat gets a tasty new surprise every other day. The large chunks of meat are good enough to entice any carnivorous animal.

Many pet owners love the fact that this option contains 9% crude protein in each individual pouch. As such, this is a good option if the aim is to keep your cats healthy and virile.

Key Ingredients

  • Chicken
  • Liver
  • Soy oil
  • Wheat gluten
  • Taurine
  • Salt

5. Whiskas Purrfectly Fish Variety Pack Wet Cat Food

The exaggerated cartoons and skits do not lie, cats just love fish and that is why Whiskas Purrfectly Fish Variety Pack Wet Cat Food is such a good option. The pack itself contains four 10-counts 3- oz. pouches of cat food. There are four options formulated with salmon, three with snapper, and three with shrimp. Nevertheless, due to recent developments, the last option has been discontinued by the manufacturer.

Altogether, this is a protein-rich food option that has up to 9% crude protein content which is just the right amount to keep your cat virile and healthy. As it is with most of their recipes, this option is stored and packed in flavor-lock pouches that seal in all the juicy flavors that will keep your cat coming back for more. Also, it goes a long way to deal with the issue of portioning the food.

Pet owners appreciate the fact that this cat food option does not stink right out of the boat. But it is not advisable to let it sit, because that will not end well for your nose. Wrapping it all together is the fact that this option is as affordable as they come, you won’t have to break the bank to give your cat a tasty and nutritious meal.

Key Ingredients

  • Tuna
  • Whitefish
  • Soy Oil
  • Anchovy

How Much Does Whiskas Cat Food Cost?

As mentioned earlier, Whiskas cat food is as affordable as they come, in fact, it is considered one of the most pocket-friendly brands on the planet. When it comes to their wet food, that will set you back about $0.07 per ounce which is basically $0.63 per day for an average cat. Then there is their dry food, which costs half the price of their dry food, so if you were feeding the same cat it would only set you back about $0.08 per day.

Has Whiskas Cat Food Ever Been Recalled?

Unlike many of its counterparts, Whiskas cat food has never been recalled. It is not listed on the FDA’s pet food recall website and there have not been any callbacks in recent times. Though they have not been recalled, it is a must for all cat parents to frequently check the pet food recall page on the FDA’s website. That way you will always know which foods have been recalled for your pet’s safety.

Whiskas Cat Food Review FAQs

My cat does not chew her kibble, is that unsafe?

Cats are quite different from humans in a number of ways, for one their teeth are not designed for chewing. They bite and tear, which is what their ancestors do in the wild. So, if the kibble is a bit on the large side, they may take a couple of bites before swallowing. Also, if the kibble is new to your pet, then it is a good idea to take it slowly.

The only cause for concern is if your cat starts vomiting or showing any other signs of digestive unrest.

How should I store Whiskas cat food?

Whether it’s the dry or wet option when unopened Whiskas cat food should be stored in a cool and dry environment. Furthermore, you should not store any of the dry products in places where they can get exposed to water. So, steer clear of spots near your washing machine, refrigerator, or dishwasher.

Also, stay away from any strong smelling materials such as detergent or anything floral. The best place to store dry food products is in an enclosed plastic container and away from all the above-listed areas. For wet food, any remaining food portions should be put in an airtight container and placed in the fridge. It should only be kept at room temperature for a maximum of thirty minutes and microwaved for a few seconds before serving.

You do not want it to get hot, but ensure that it is not cold either since most cats do not like to eat cold food.

How do I transition my cat from another brand to Whiskas cat food brand?

It is recommended to transition your cat to a new brand of pet food over the period of 7 days. This is so you can avoid any stomach upsets and digestive issues. Over that course of time, you should reduce the quantity of the other cat food option and increase the quantity of Whiskas cat food. Before you know it, they will be eating Whiskas cat food exclusively.

Below is a formula to use when transitioning your cat from one option to another.

1st and 2nd day – 75% old cat food option 25% new cat food option

3rd and 4th day – 50% of old cat food option 50% of new cat food option

5th and 6th day – 25% old cat food option 75% cat food option

7th day – 100% new cat food option

How much Whiskas can I feed my cat?

This is one of the most common questions asked by cat owners since quantity is just as important as the quality of food. There is no definite answer since that depends on a number of factors. Some of these factors include your cat’s age, size, and activeness. For more specific instructions, you should always follow the instructions on the package. They will better let you know how much Whiskas cat food to feed your cat.

Final Thoughts on Whiskas

The main selling point the Whiskas cat food brand has is the taste and flavors they come up with. Their food is so enticing that it is almost addictive for cats. Nevertheless, it is no secret that some of their recipes are not the most healthy out there. For that reason, it is always important to read the ingredients section on the label to ensure that the options you pick are BHA and BHT free.

Also, try to stay away from products that do not have known proteins listed as the first ingredient. The title ‘by-products’ is a broad umbrella and you don’t know if it may cause any aversions. Nevertheless, the recipes that are healthy and robust are great for cats and are equally very affordable.