Best Cat Trackers – GPS Feline Trackers 2021

It’s one thing to have a cute, furry feline pet, but a whole different story to keep tabs on them throughout the day. 

So why do we have to keep tabs on our cats? Well, for one, those fast paws have a knack for sneaking off every chance they get, and the truth is, not all cats are lucky enough to find their way back if they stray too far. 

Any pet parent would want to ensure their pets have the liberties to go out once in a while to ‘socialize,’ and with the assurance of the best cat tracker, there’ll be more peace of mind when doing so. So, let’s explore the world of cat trackers and help you select the best for your pet’s needs.

Top 8 Cat Trackers in 2021

After our thorough assessment of a number of cat trackers, these are the products that stood out in terms of functionality, accuracy, comfort and ease of use. 

1. Findster Duo+ GPS Tracker.

One thing that may be a bit annoying about cat trackers is the monthly payments pet owners have to make to keep using the app. It’s important to state this before going into details, the Findster Duo+ GPS Tracker stands out when it comes to monthly fees. There’s a one-time payment that allows pet parents to enjoy this tracker for life without having to worry about extra fees. However, that’s just a cost-advantage, the Finster Duo has amazing features any pet parent would want to explore. 

The truth is, many other GPS trackers offer the same features, but only premium members would have access to such’ privileges. Advantages like family and friend sharing are on the table, so other loved ones can connect to the tracker and help keep an eye on the whereabouts of your feline friend. 

Plus, for cats who have already developed a habit of visiting their favorite places, there’s the location history function that allows you to keep tabs on such insights and tracking their activities while at it. If she/he hits the open streets, the tracker can reliably determine locations from up to a 4.8km distance, and in busy urban areas, up to 0.8m. the activity tracker equally provides fun insights depending on the data that is inputted. 

Even when the GPS is turned off, the tag still records the activity data on the app where you can monitor the cat’s fitness goals and progress reports. What’s even more admirable is the water-proof function that’s incorporated. So, even if it drizzles or rains and your cat is trying to make it back home, the GPS tracker will still transmit the location. These features are cool, but how about the battery life? 

Yes, that question is valid. Like other GPS activated trackers, the battery life may last up to a week depending on frequently it’s being used. If functions like the safe fence are activated, then pet parents can create safe boundaries on the app that notifies you when those designated areas are crossed. 

Of course, such a function takes more battery life, but it’s well worth it. Besides the safe area option, Findster also incorporates a built-in radar that displays how far or close you are from the cat’s location, and actively leads you reliably via the map. 

Key Features:

  • GPS Tracker
  • High accuracy level
  • Included app
  • One-year warranty.


  • It’s shock-proof and water-proof.
  • It doesn’t require a monthly payment plan
  • It has built-in radar tracking
  • It monitors the cat’s location and activities in real-time.
  • There are LED lights to indicate when the tag is paired, active, charged or not.


  • The size is quite large which may be an issue for smaller and picky cats.
  • The connection range is limited in busy, urban areas.

2. UBEE GPS for Dogs and Cats

UBEE is another GPS-powered tracker that uses a cellular tracking system to provide live location feeds directly to the app. It’s safe to say that this particular tracker is loved among many pet owners because of the positive reviews it has been receiving. There’s really no question why ‘babying’ your cat may seem fun and feasible when you’re free and energetic, but on those stressful and tiring days, keeping an eye on a curious pet is challenging. 

Trackers like UBEE have incorporated extra reliable features that ensure you never have to worry when the cat struts out the door. It’s more immersive because you’re not just seeing a dot moving on a map, the insights provide more information on what your cat is doing per time, and where to look if they ever go missing. In addition, thanks to the waterproof design, you can rely on this tracking device to keep you in the know in the sun and in the rain, during the day or in the night. 

In addition to its water-proof function, the tracker is also quite lightweight when compared to other GPS trackers. That makes it easier and more comfortable to wear and walk around in. Then there’s the safe zone function that allows pet parents to set up a safe wall to stay in the know when that feline strays too far. The app will alert you on any suspicious activities beyond the boundaries that have been pre-set on the app. 

Users who enjoy such a function however, will have to continuously pay a relatively affordable monthly fee to keep using the app, since it depends on a valid sim and data connection to function. But when compared to the efficient readability, functionality and ease of use it provides, it’s certainly worth it.

Key Features:

  • GPS tracker
  • Weighs 176 pounds
  • Lightweight, compact and water-proof
  • Includes app


  • It works efficiently with no range limitations.
  • Allows the virtual fence option.
  • It’s lightweight and affordable
  • Comes with a LED light for finding pets in the dark.


  • The battery life isn’t that impressive.
  • Only works with cell coverage.

3. Whistle GO GPS Tracker.

The Whistle GO makes use of cellular network, WIFI, and GPS signals to determine and monitor a pets’ location. It comes with a very fun app and an interactive interface that makes it that more impressive. With helpful features like fitness and health monitoring, activity tracking, progress reports and behavioral changes notifications, it’s not your standard tracking device. The app allows pet parents to stay in the know when it comes to their pet’s location, and you can start a live monitoring session at any time, then turn it off when necessary. 

What’s really spectacular is that it does all this while monitoring health and fitness, so it’s almost similar to a fitness app. Even more, there’s also the location map function available on the app that shows your cats adventure history, and gives pet-owners an idea of the repetitive actions and movements their cats make. Such insights are important if for any reason the cat tracker goes off before or during its little adventure. You’ll know where to look because of the previous or favorite spots the history option provides. 

In addition, the Whistle GO equally has the safe zone option, and it’s fully customizable thanks to an app that gives users total freedom to create and adjust settings, depending on their environment. That means it won’t only cover circular or rectangular outlines, even if you’re adjusting the settings in zig-zag movements, the exact safe area zone outlined will be established. 

However, what really sets the Whistle Go’s performance from many others is its surprisingly long-lasting battery life. While other GPS-activated trackers may not even last up to a week, this tracker’s battery life can reliably keep going for up to two weeks. Its overall performance is quite impressive when it comes to versatility, multi-functionality and durability.

Key features:

  • GPS-activated
  • Weighs 1.3 ounces
  • Battery lasts from 3-15 days
  • Includes app


  • Very consistent GPS tracker
  • Securely attaches to most cat collars
  • Boasts of long-lasting battery life


  • It does have a six-minute default refresh time
  • May be a bit too large for some cats. 

4. Loc8tor TabCat RF Cat Tracker

The Loc8tor may not be a GPS-activated tracker, but it is a remarkably lightweight radio frequency tracker for cats. This radio tracker comes in a rubber casing that makes it easy to attach to any cat collar. As expected, it connects accurately to a receiver that’s included in the purchase, and unlike GPS trackers, there are no monthly fees to be paid. Radio transmitter trackers are great for indoor use, so if you have a cat that doesn’t go out much, but makes it a duty to get lost around the house, this would be a helpful buy. 

The handheld receiver includes color codes that light up when you’re getting close to the cat’s location. If that’s not enough, there’s also a beeping tone that comes on when you’re in the right direction, and getting close to finding that curious cat. Here’s another added advantage, one receiver can connect to up to four transmitters which is a great function for pet owners that have a whole family of feline friends. 

To get it started, simply complete the activation process and both the transmitter and receiver will go live. If you plan to use this tracker outside, it’s important to note that the receiver will only read signals within a 400-foot range, so it may not be super helpful if your cat is lost if you don’t have clues on where to search. Apart from that, it’s a very decent tracker for cats of all ages and sizes, and its readings are quite accurate. 

Key Features:

  • Radiofrequency tracker
  • 4-12 months of battery life
  • High-accuracy level
  • Doesn’t include app


  • It’s easy to attach, set up and use.
  • One receiver works with up to four transmitter trackers.
  • It works indoors and outdoors


  • The 400-foot range isn’t that great.

5. Tile Mate

The tile mate tracker isn’t actually designed for cats, but it’s a great option to consider. This all-purpose Bluetooth tracker sufficiently identifies the location of lost objects once the tracker is connected to that device. In this case, pet parents simply need to attach the Bluetooth device to the cat’s collar and watch it work wonders. It’s important to note that it’s no GPS tracker, so it simply alerts users when they are within a 150-feet range or less, to the cat’s location. 

The Tile Mate comes with an app that accurately directs you to the cat’s location. Plus, thanks to the vast number of people in the Tile app community, the range provided actually increases if it connects to other Tile member’s apps.

Key Features:

  • Bluetooth activated tracker
  • Weighs 6.1 grams
  • 12 months battery life
  • Accuracy level is low. 


  • Connects to the Tile-member network which may increase the chances of finding your cat.
  • It’s very affordable
  • Accurate for tracking indoors


  • The tracking range is quite short.
  • The app may drain your battery.

6. Vodafone V-Sim Kippy V-Pet Cat Tracker

GPS trackers certainly have class and functionality distinction when it comes to the distances they cover and the accuracy level, and this one from Vodafone matches that notion. The Kippy is one of those GPS trackers that is quite superior to many in the market. The range it allows is quite considerable and maybe more helpful when your cat strays too far. 

With a whopping 1.600 feet range, you won’t have to do much of the work, the receiver will easily connect and start beeping when it picks up transmissions. The tracker comes protected in a silicone case that easily attaches to the collar, there are Velcro straps to aid fastening and since it’s quite light, there’s really no inconvenience when the cat wears it around. Thanks to its compact and lightweight form, it’s suitable for cats of all ages, and even kittens may not object to this low-profile tracker that’s quite comfortable to wear. 

Once the tracker is set up, which might take a while by the way, it uses an audible beeping tone and multi-colored lights to alert you on the location of the tracker. This tracker certainly works great both indoors and outdoors, and with the range it provides, it’s very useful for cats who like a good adventure. 

Key features

  • GPS frequency tracker
  • 30-days battery life
  • High accuracy level
  • 12 Months Free Subscription
  • Doesn’t include app


  • The 1,600-foot range is exceptional
  • It’s comfortable and convenient for cats of all ages and sizes
  • One receiver is compatible with four trackers.


  • Setting it up can be quite tasking.

7. Cat Tailer Bluetooth Cat Tracker

The Tile mate tracker may not have been made for cats, but the Cat Tailer Tracker is. The low-profile design is quite remarkable, weighing as little as a bottle cap, which is great for cats who don’t like wearing anything ‘extra’. However, just like the Tile app, the 328-foot range may not do much for you when outdoors, but will prove to be quite helpful and accurate indoors. 

The Bluetooth tracker will also require a little effort. You may have to wander around a little until they pick up a signal. There is an app that comes with the tracker; however, it displays on the radius it’s covering and how far the cat may be from you if it’s within the afore-mentioned range. So, while this may be an affordable option, it may not be a smart choice for an outdoor cat that likes to explore other neighborhoods and make new friends before heading back home.

Key Features:

  • Bluetooth activated device
  • Weighs 7.9 grams
  • One-year warranty.
  • App is included. 


  • The tracker is compact and lightweight.
  • The app is easy to use
  • It’s great for indoor use.


  • The detection range is small.
  • The Bluetooth connection and detection may not be consistent. 

8. Weenect Cats 2

The Weenect 2 is another GPS tracker that allows users to keep tabs on the location of their pets in real-time without having to stress too much about it. It doesn’t matter where the cat goes, or what time of the day it is, the internet-enabled app will maintain communication with the tracker and provide live reports on its location. 

It makes use of a multi-network sim connection that’s active anywhere whether it’s a suburban, urban or more country-side area. Of course, the downside with trackers that depend on internet coverage is that, where there’s none, the tracker won’t be active. However, when it is, this tracker monitors stats from location history, predominant hangout areas and even certain activities like running, playing and sleeping. 

That means it provides insights to where the cat spends most of her day, the activities your cat engages in and the regular spots she visits. So, if your cat is a calm sleepy pet by night but a superhero by day, the app will surely pick up on such, ‘supernatural abilities’. The battery life may not be great, but the tracker is lightweight and quite functional, so we can’t complain. 

Key Features:

  • It comes with a training module 
  • Includes ring/vibrate features
  • The app can track more than one pet at the same time.


  • A reliable tracking system that reports location in real-time
  • Displays activity level, location history, and distance traveled.
  • It’s quite lightweight for a GPS cat tracker
  • There’s a silicone case that acts as a water-proof cover.


  • It might be slightly big for fussy cats
  • Battery life isn’t very sustainable.

Best Cat Trackers Buying Guide & Tips

We know how important it is for pet parents to have access to information on the best pet-friendly products for their feline family. That’s why it’s extra-important only to select the most reliable, comfortable, efficient and cost-friendly products. But how do we achieve such thoroughness? Let’s explain that in more detail below.

Reliability & Accuracy

If you have watched home movies like the Secret Lives of Pets, it’s certainly understandable how such films will pique an interest in the going-about of your cat. And immediately, the idea of getting a cat tracker would be more than tempting. Any concerned pet-parent would want to know where their cat is going, how far the feline has strayed from its comfort zone, or even study the patterns of her adventure’s daily. 

That’s why it was important for us to put the reliability and accuracy of every tracker purchased to the test before writing this review. The truth is, not all cat trackers are manufactured equally, some may look quite fancy, but their GPS settings will only not only disappoint, but fail when it’s highly needed. 

Just comparing more than two trackers at a time showed how efficiently one performed over the other. Most cat trackers require GPS incorporation to work. This means if the GPS itself is weak, or doesn’t read location data correctly, in a split moment, you could lose track of your cat. 

Each tracker had to give us up-to-date, accurate information on the cat’s movements from one point to the other.  Furthermore, we tested how reliable the connection between the trackers and the apps were to ensure standard connectivity through the day.

There was also the question of range, how far would the cat need to stray for the app to either start glitching or give delayed feedback from the tracker. It was important for us to ascertain this through smart testing of each device so we can assure smart pet-parents who trust this site to do the necessary research. We also want to provide products that have been thoroughly put the test, and passed exceptionally.


While reliability is important, each tracker’s performance and functionality is just as vital. Some pet trackers come with sophisticated functions (like fitness and health tracking) that allow you to input the pets’ medical information and health stats. This way, you can keep track of their activity. The fitness trackers won’t just provide helpful insights, the apps sometimes come with cool features that remind users of important appointments or drug administration. 

There’s also the safe zone area function which was previously talked about. It informs users when their cats have ‘crossed the line’. If you’re a strict pet parent who would rather have the cat in than out, such helpful features will alert you every time the cat strays too far. 

Even though you don’t mind the pet doing a bit of stretching and sight-seeing outside, it’s still important to know when your cat leaves home, and maybe, even when he returns. Since this function puts the control in your hands, it should be straightforward to set up these ‘safe fences’ around the house via the app. 

One pet parent’s safe fence could be the front door while others could be the gate, or even a signpost two houses away.

Another cool feature for both indoor and outdoor cats that like to sneak around and find tricky hiding places is the ‘adventure mode.’ While some trackers come with a bright light that turns on when activated, others have relatively loud beeping sounds that will make locating them that much easier. 

For cats that don’t mind getting wet, there are cat trackers that come with the water-proof function. However, as we know, it’s one thing to claim a product is water-proof, and another for the product to actually live up to that description. All these factors were taken into consideration when testing out the validity of each functionality claim.

Other cool features to look out for are night light functions that are visible from a considerable distance and maybe even behavioral changes functions, that will alert you when any of their activities seem off. 


Above, the focus has been on the accuracy and functionality, what about comfort and convenience? Of course, we considered that as well. It’s a known fact how pets in general can be fussy with new collars or attachments. Even though you put it on them while they’re sleeping, the moment they wake up, it would be evident that something is different. 

The sad thing is that, regardless of how sophisticated the tracker is and how cool the function is, if it’s not comfortable, then it’s not feasible. 

One crucial determinant of comfort when it comes to pet accessories is size, another is the material, and the third is the weight. It’s simple, if the tracker is too large, the pets can tell, if the material isn’t comfortable, they’ll try everything to take it off. Also, if it’s not lightweight, well, it may not even be compatible with the cat’s collar. 

So, it’s vital to look at these three factors to ensure that each cat tracker we reviewed would easily be attached to different types of collars, would be small enough to almost go undetected, and lightweight enough not to cause a fuss. 

Cat Tracking Technologies.

GPS Cat Trackers 

GPS units are also known as geo-tracking systems that use a global navigation system to ascertain the geographic location of pets. They use satellites to access location data and send that information to all connected receivers around the world. There are different types of cat trackers, but GP trackers are the most reliable—thanks to the accuracy at which locations are determined and the reliable visuals or directions they provide. 

Plus, the range GPS trackers are able to detect are equally superior to non-GPS trackers. If your cat strays too far from home, as long as their location is covered on the map (it’s almost impossible for it not to be). Then regardless of the distance, it will be possible to find them. Of course, this depends on the signal strength of the GPS tracker, but the reliable systems will still provide location information even from miles away. 

Some trackers come with essential features that allow pet parents to create safe zones using the provided app. Users will be able to navigate through the provided data, create safe zones around the house or neighborhood, and get alerted when their pets cross those boundaries. It allows pet parents to view the location in real-time, with an access to a functional map that leads the owners right to their adventurous and curious cats. 

Some GPS trackers also come with cool health functions that track the cats’ fitness stats by providing real-time insights on how many calories they burn, their daily rest time, and the likes. As impressive as GPS trackers are, they aren’t perfect. That’s because GPS trackers only function reliably when there’s a clear connection to their satellites. That means if something stands between the sky and the tracker, like a roof, thick bushes, deep tunnels or heavy clouds, there’s a chance the connection will be lost. That’s why most GPS trackers don’t work indoors.

There’s also the fact that the GPS cat trackers tend to be larger than other standard trackers, which may make it more uncomfortable to wear. Plus, there’s the price concern as well. Due to the technology employed, they are usually more expensive to buy. Furthermore, the app will need an internet connection to transmit and receive data, so if you’re in a non-WIFI-zone or out of data, then it won’t work.

Radio Frequency (RF) Cat Trackers:

Radio-frequency trackers incorporate a radio transmitter that communicates directly with a complementary radio receiver. The transmitter is placed on the cat’s collar while the receiver remains with the pet owner. Also, the transmitter allows the receiver to pick up waves when you’re close to the cats’ location. They either start beeping or lighting up, and depending on how close the distance is, the signals change as you get closer to the target. 

The advantage of these RF trackers is that they’ll work both indoors and outdoors, the downside is they don’t pick up transmissions from far distances like a GPS tracker would. They also won’t be able to send any alerts if your cat goes missing or strays too far from home, but they are relatively more affordable. However, they are lightweight, easy to attach and have durable batteries that won’t need to be replaced for months.

Bluetooth Cat Trackers:

Bluetooth trackers are another great option for cat owners looking for something affordable, lightweight and durable. They may not have very attractive qualities like large range transmissions or connectivity, but they will help find a cat that’s at most 300 feet away. The battery life on Bluetooth trackers are equally quite impressive as they could last for months without requiring replacements. 

However, when compared to GPS trackers, they don’t really level up. They may be a suitable option for indoor cats who got stuck under the bed or strayed too far into the basement, but that’s about it. If your cat is lost, it may not be able to detect movement or determine location especially if the distance is more than 300 feet.