Best Cat Foods for Overweight Cats

You’d be surprised at how many cats suffer from obesity; it’s a common ailment for them. Just as with humans, this condition reduces their quality of life and is an underlying cause for other critical illnesses. Any qualified vet will recommend a change in diet, alongside other lifestyle changes.

There are so many options out there when it comes to food for overweight cats, but why settle for anything when you can get the best? Below are some of the best food options for obese cats; with any of these on the menu, overweight cats are sure to shed some pounds in no time.

Best Cat Foods for Overweight Cats

Below you can find the list of the best cat foods for weight loss and overweight cats

1. Blue Buffalo Weight Control Natural Adult Dry Cat Food

Most cat owners are no strangers to this brand. They don’t only offer delicious meals; their standards are impeccable. The Blue Buffalo Weight Control Natural Adult Dry Cat Food was made with the overall well-being of cats in mind. To that effect, the manufacturers used only top-notch natural ingredients that are packed with essential vitamins and minerals.

It’s also an excellent choice for cats with food allergies and aversion since it does not contain poultry by-products, wheat, corn, soy, preservatives, and artificial additives. You’ll equally like the fact that real meat is the first ingredient (this is a big plus). In this case, it’s chicken, which will go a long way to trigger proper muscle growth. So, it’s in with the muscle and out with the fat. 

That’s not all; there’s also a range of whole grains, healthy vegetables, and fruits in the mix to boost your furbaby’s immune system. More on the weight loss front, this cat food option has an optimal amount of protein and contains the right amount of calories to ensure that your cat reaches its ideal weight. Altogether, it is a great way to keep your cat healthy, full, and trim.

2. Wellness Complete Natural Dry

This healthy blend contains everything a cat needs to maintain the right weight and thrive as a whole. With the Wellness Complete Natural Dry, you can rest assured that your cat will maintain a healthy gut, among other things. The formula itself is a combination of protein, freeze-dried raw chicken, and grain-free kibble.

Many users appreciate the fact that cage-free chicken is the first ingredient. There’s also the addition of a fat-burning L-Carnitine component responsible for boosting a healthy metabolism. It further contains the optimum fiber level, which, in turn, ensures that your cat feels full enough to wait till the next meal. So, if your furry friend has quite a hearty appetite, this is the right way to go.

Even more, there’s no grain, corn, potato, wheat, soy, or by-product meal in the mix. You will find a healthy freeze-dried raw formula that offers all the nutritional requirements felines need to thrive. The fact that it’s raw makes it an even more delicious option, so it’s a viable choice for picky eaters.

3. Hill’s Diet Feline Metabolic Advanced Weight

Feline obesity is no joke; it can reduce the quality of life and cut down the time you have with your furbaby. But with Hill’s Diet Feline Metabolic Advanced Weight, cats have more than a fighting chance. The recipe happens to be void of wheat, soy, corn, tapioca, and artificial additives. 

The cat food itself comes in the form of small disks that are easy to gobble down and even easier on the tastebuds. So, it will be a good match for cats that a bit picky when it comes to food. There are also fewer carbs and several low glycemic ingredients such as chickpeas and lentils. As a result, it’s a great choice if you are looking to spur weight loss and management. Besides that, it decreases the chances that they’ll develop kidney diseases, osteoarthritis, and infections.

What it does contain is 83% animal-based protein, which, in turn, makes this a delicious option. Then there’s the addition of a patented BC30 probiotic, which is excellent for the gut. What it does is to support the healthy gut flora responsible for aiding in digestion, regulating your cat’s metabolism, and enhancing normal immune response.

4. AvoDern Natural Indoor Weight Control Formula

It’s understandable that indoor cats are a lot more prone to being obese than their outdoor counterparts. With that in mind, there is no better way to get your indoor cat down to its ideal weight than feeding them AvoDern Natural Indoor Weight Control Formula. First and foremost, the formula contains fewer calories than other options on the market; nevertheless, it is still hearty enough to keep your cat full. 

The major ingredients include a lean protein option, which is usually chicken or tuna; there’s also oatmeal, oat bran, and flaxseed for fiber. Thanks to all this fiber in the mix, your cat is sure to feel full enough to make it to the next meal. With a curbed appetite, they will undoubtedly reach an optimum weight in no time. Besides a high fiber content, there are also healthy omegas, which come from avocados. To hydrate the entire mixture, there’s real chicken broth thrown in the mix. It doesn’t only make the meal taste better; it equally contributes to boosting overall health. 

Altogether, this blend contains all the vitamins, antioxidants, and phytonutrients that felines need to thrive both inside and outside. 

5. Royal Canin Aging Spayed/Neutered 12+ Dry Cat Food

It’s harder for older cats to really get a grip on their weight; once you’re older, you tend to slow down. But that does not mean they have to suffer in silence. That’s where Royal Canin Aging Spayed/Neutered 12+ Dry Cat Food comes in. It was formulated specifically to cater to senior cats’ dietary needs, which extends to weight maintenance. So, if you’ve got a feline friend that is 12 years or older, then this is a viable choice. How does it meet their various needs? For one, it contains a healthy aging complex as well as a good blend of vitamins and minerals that are perfect for the gut and the entire body.

More importantly, it is a great way to go if maintaining a healthy weight in their golden years is the aim. It is instrumental if the cat in question experiences reduced activity levels, which is expected once they advance in age. As an added plus, the formula also boosts renal health by regulating phosphorus levels. It does not hurt that it’s quite tasty, so it’s a good choice if you have a picky eater on your hands.

6. Evanger’s Cat Food Low Fat Vegetarian

Though their ancestors in the wild are carnivorous, many cats are subject to food aversions and have to skip the meat. If your cat falls into this category, Evanger’s Dog & Cat Food Low Fat Vegetarian Dinner Canned Dog & Cat Food is the perfect match. It’s also a good option if the vet recommends placing your pet on a low protein diet. 

Altogether, this hypoallergenic cat food option is a good bet if the cat in question needs to lose weight or maintain its current size. It does not hurt that it’s also a low-calorie option that offers up all the vitamins and nutrients your cat needs to thrive. The mixture itself contains a blend of fruits and vegetables, including peas, berries, sweet potatoes, and antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins. 

Then the formula comprises just 2% fat, 7% protein, and 78% moisture. With these proportions in place, it’s sure to develop lean muscles.

7. Purina Veterinary Diets OM Obesity

You see a lot of chicken and meat when searching for cat food options, but our furry little friends love fish too. If you are looking to add some variety to their diet or have an aversion to beef and chicken, Purina Veterinary Diets OM Obesity is a good option. If it’s not already too obvious, the first ingredient here is delicious Alaskan Pollock, a great low calorie and low fat option. That component on its own certifies this as a great option for overweight cats. 

But that’s not all; there’s also a balanced blend of probiotics included in the mix. Purina’s patented probiotics remain viable right up to the moment they are ingested, and as such, your cat will be able to maintain a healthy gut. There are also some superfoods included, such as pumpkin, carrots, cranberries, broccoli, kelp, lentils, and blueberries. 

8. Catit Senses 2.0 Digger for Cats

Sometimes, it is not enough to enforce a healthy diet; your cat’s eating habits may be getting in the way of their weight loss goals. That’s why it’s a good idea to get the Catit Senses 2.0 Digger for Cats alongside any healthy food you’ve introduced. For cats that like to gobble it all up without stopping to breathe, this nifty contraption will ensure they eat at a much slower pace. 

The overall design comprises a traditional cat bowl with up to 5 tubes; this encourages their natural pawing behavior, making them work harder for their meals. Since they have to paw to have access to the food, it slows down their eating speed and tires them out before seeing the bottom of the tube. 

Don’t be scared by the setup; you don’t have to ‘paw’ to clean it out; it’s pretty simple to disassemble and then clean out to prepare for the next meal. It’s important to note that it’s meant to be used to serve dry food and kibble.