10 Reasons Why Cats are the Best Pets

You’ve probably heard the saying that, “Dogs are man’s best friend,” but are they? In past times, cats have come to be one of the preferred pets in many homes worldwide. In fact, 25% of American households have a kitty as a family member. Sure, like all pets, they can be a little mischievous by scratching furniture, playing with your hair, or smacking objects off tables for no reason. However, this forms part of their charm and quirkiness. 

Aside from this, they are actually intelligent, curious, graceful, and loyal animals that can make an excellent lifelong companion for you or your family.  On that note, in this article, we shall discuss ten reasons why cats are the best pets to have living with you. 

P.S – Please don’t come for us in the comment section if you are a dog person…haha. Let’s dive in.

1. Cats have an Independent nature.

One great thing about cats is that they are innately independent creatures. They do not need the consistent level of attention required by dogs and can even sleep about 15 hours a day. This is great news for pet owners with busy careers. You’ll feel at ease knowing that your kitty will not be bored at home when you are away. And after coming home tired from work, you won’t have to divide your attention. 

This independent nature also makes cats content with a mostly indoors lifestyle—unlike dogs that need their regular walks to the park and hikes to live happy lives. A cat would be fine perched on a window watching birds and insects outside or sleeping in a sunny spot around the house. This is a massive relief to pet owners who may want to have time for themselves, especially during the weekends.

2. Cats are more affordable to own.

In the long term, having a cat is going to save you a lot of money. Why? Because unlike dogs whose toys, food, and other supplies are more expensive, cats’ supplies are much cheaper. Again, since dogs tend to destroy their toys, you will be continually purchasing new ones to keep them active at home. 

On the other hand, cats need just a few toys. You can even make some of your own at home. Fortunately, they are just fine sleeping and playing with their toys the whole day while you are at work.  

Also, remember that dogs need regular walks for good health, but if you don’t have time due to work demands, you may have to get a dog walker. Again, this is an additional cost.  With dog walker charges ranging from 15 – 20 dollars, that will be another dent in your pocket. 

In addition, vet care for cats is typically considered less costly than dogs, so that’s another point for cats right there.

3. Cats are natural pest controllers.

Cats are natural-born predators whose ancestors have been hunting, stalking, and pouncing on prey for centuries. This is why having a cat is basically like having a natural pest killer in your home. So, even if your home doesn’t have mice or insects running around, your cat’s hunter instincts would always be in full gear. 

Even better, their scent is also even known to deter mice away, reducing the likelihood of your home being infested. On that note, be careful not to let your cat eat any rodent or insect it catches. This may be harmful or even lethal for your kitty. 

4. Cats are quieter than dogs.

If you can’t stand loud noises, then cats are the ideal pets. Dogs are likely to bark at the slightest things, such as an animal or person passing by. Some dogs even bark when they want attention or when they are hungry. This can be slightly annoying, especially when you want to take a quiet nap in the middle of the day. On the other hand, a cat’s meows and purrs are quieter. Even more, they do this less often than dogs. 

Studies have even shown that a cat’s purr and meow can have a calming effect, especially for children with autism. One additional bonus is that cats’ meows actually mean something. So, the longer you are with them, you’ll be a professional “cat whisperer” who has the ability to tell which their meow actually means.  

5. Cats help reduce allergies.

New parents often worry that their cat could negatively affect the offspring’s health. But actually, the opposite is true. Studies show that children who grow up with cats have a lower risk of developing allergies. 

According to the National Institute of Health, children raised with two or more pets in the house were up too 77% less likely to develop certain types of allergies before six years old than those without pets. These allergies vary but include grass, ragweed, and even dust mites. However, this only applies if there is no previous health burden in the family.

That being said, this doesn’t mean you should force your cat to be near your kids or vice versa. Since cats are mostly solitary animals, they may not like the constant attention. Just having your kids in the same area as your kitty should suffice.

6. Cats are clean animals.

It’s no secret that cats are one of the cleanest animals in the world. This is because they are among the few species that spend hours grooming themselves with their tongues. On the other hand, dogs do not care about their hygiene and would poke their noses in anything— from rubbish bins to dead animals, to animal droppings. Worse yet, some dogs even have skunk fights. 

For this reason, dogs require regular baths and sometimes grooming. No doubt, the cost of constant washing will increase your monthly pet care costs. As cats do not require this kind of maintenance. They can be washed and groomed once in a while. This is why cats comparatively always smell better and feel fluffier than dogs.

7. Cats have a long lifespan

Losing a pet you’ve grown to love is one of the hardest experiences. It even hurts more if your preferred pet’s life expectancy is low, and therefore, you have to say goodbye to them every few years after bringing them home. If you don’t like saying goodbye over and over again, then having a cat as a pet is an excellent option. 

This is because cats have a long life expectancy, with their average lifespan ranging between 12 – 15 years. Records show that some even live past their teens into their early 20’s. This means that you’ll have many happy years to grow and bond with your feline friend. 

8. Cats are easy to train.

If you are a dog lover reading this, you know the difficulty of house-training a new puppy. It takes time and patience to ensure that they don’t pee everywhere or chew on everything they see. With cats, these problems are almost non-existent. 

When it comes to potty training, cats instinctively know to bury their waste after visiting the bathroom. You simply need to show them where the litter box is and how to dig using your hand. And voila, they will intuitively get it. 

That being said, training cats to not scratch furniture can be quite tricky. However, it’s also not that difficult to achieve. Also, note that you should get used to them climbing up on cabinets and refrigerator tops since there are no trees in the apartment. 

9. Cats were worshipped by the Egyptians.

“All hail Bast, the Goddess of Warfare”. This is what the Egyptians would have said centuries ago to their goddess Bast before going into battle for good luck. Interestingly, Bast had the body of a cat. In fact, cats were revered creatures of Egypt. People used to welcome them into their homes and even leave food out for them. So, if you decide to get a cat, know that you are bringing a representation of a goddess into your home. 

10. Cats are preferred by apartment owners.

Are you moving to a new flatshare? Worried if the landlord will allow your cat in? If so, the good news is that many landlords prefer cats in their buildings than dogs. Why? Well, for starters, cats are naturally quieter and won’t be barking throughout the day and annoying neighbors. 

Cats also take up much less space than dogs and on average, are generally smaller creatures. They are also less intimidating than dogs. Just imagine having a grand duke in your apartment unintentionally knocking over and breaking stuff. This will drive you and the flatmates insane.

Additionally, the cat litter box would be a lifesaver because you don’t have to go up and down multiple times a day to help your cat relieve itself. 

On the other hand, if you live in an upper-level apartment with a dog, you have to take it down the stairs and back up every day for walks, which can be tiring. With cats, they are just fine sleeping all day, sunning themselves, and playing with their toys in the apartment. Sounds great right?