Best Cat Food In UK

Choosing the right cat food brand for a feline pet could be synonymous with charting out their entire lives. Yes, it’s that important. The old adage ‘We are what we eat’ does not just relate to human beings. Even pets like cats need the best nutrition to guarantee a healthy and vital life.

Out in the wild, cats may survive by picking out their own food. However, when in your home, they are at the mercy of the food brands you choose. The truth is, there are numerous brands to choose from, and most of them offer really great deals. However, it’s best to look beyond all the fancy colors or packaging designs, so sit back while we walk you through some of the best cat food picks in the UK.

1. Purina One Adult Cat Food.

This phenomenal bag of goodness boasts of being one of the best cat food products in the UK. It is a premium formula developed by veterinarians and nutritionists, so you can be assured specialists are preparing this cat feed. Thanks to the quality ingredients used in each recipe, this potent formula actively boosts the felines’ immune system and improves their health conditions when eaten consistently.

It boasts of ensuring healthier and easier digestion while improving energy and vitality levels. Besides, the inclusion of healthy omega 3’s, improves skin, heart, and coat health. According to the Purina family, you can expect positive changes in your cat’s health after just three weeks of feeding them the Purina One Adult Cat Food Formula.

Key Ingredients

  • Dried poultry chicken
  • Whole grain wheat
  • Soya meal
  • Animal fat
  • Fish oil

2. Thrive Complete Cat Food

The Thrive Complete Cat Food Formula is one of the few wet food products that provide a full nutritional value and can be served alone as a meal. Others usually lean towards more complementary diets, however, this is a tasty option that includes all the nutrients your cat should need for health and vitality.

Just like any premium cat food, it is made majorly with healthy proteins, chicken breasts, and turkey, with other seafood variants that include tuna, shrimps, squid, and salmon. The recipe is simple yet includes many nutrients that support a cat’s skin, coat, and overall health. It’s a complete nutritionary diet for adult cats that require a lightweight formula to help them maintain a healthy weight or lose weight accordingly.

Key Ingredients:

● Chicken breasts

● Chicken stock

● Turkey

● Chicken stock

● Vitamins and minerals.

3. Ziwipeak Daily Cat Air Dried Cuisine Pouches

The Ziwipeak Daily Cat Air Dried Cuisine Pouches are great for growing kittens and cats that need to add a little weight. The formula contains a high amount of real meat, which means the protein content is adequate for felines that love a tasty meal. It’s a recipe developed by Ziwipeak, a New Zealand Company committed to quality air-dried and canned foods. They use real meats like green-lipped mussels, organ meats, and animal muscle meats.

Their wet and dried food formulas are always rich, tasty, and very nutritious; however, this dried cat food recipe certainly takes the win. The feed is air-dried to ensure all nutrients are preserved and have a low-calorie percentage, and it doesn’t contain any rice, soy, grain, or potatoes. With a recipe made of lamb, lamb heart, lung, liver, kidney, and green-lipped mussel, it’s a great kibble choice for cats that prefer dry cat food.

Key Ingredient:

  • Lamb meat
  • Lamb liver
  • Tripe
  • Heart
  • Kidney
  • Taurine

4. Encore 100% Natural Wet Cat Food, Chicken Breast

The Encore 100% Natural Wet Cat Food is a premium quality product that promises a high dose of protein and meaty flavor at every bite. Cats benefit from high-quality protein sources like chicken, beef, seafood, and the rest, and that’s exactly what Encore guarantees. With 75% real chicken breasts, there are no other artificial flavors, additives, colors, or preservatives. The chicken breasts are mixed with rice and chicken broth, which makes it quite a simple recipe.

However, do not mistake this brand’s simplicity for unreliability; the formula provides a natural source of omega 6 and taurine, which is beneficial for good vision, healthier skin, coat, and improved heart health. The major reason the ingredients are kept simple is to encourage easy digestion and reduce food aversions and allergies.

Plus, the formula is equally appropriate for cats of all ages, thanks to the simple ingredient list and each ingredient’s quality. So, if you plan on keeping your kitten, adult cats, or senior cats healthy and strong, this is a great cat food formula to look at.

Key ingredients:

  • Chicken breasts –70%
  • Chicken broth
  • Rice

5. Fancy Feast Classic Wet Cat Food

The Fancy Feast’s Classic Tender Beef Feast Canned Food delivers the option of fine dining for your royal feline friend. It may not come with a golden bowl or a silver-coated cup, but the fine ingredient included in the mix makes it a premium quality cat food. This lip-licking gourmet recipe features beef as its first ingredient yet provides every cat with a complete and nutritious diet.

Made by the Purina brand, each can prove to be affordable, specie-appropriate, and very rich in protein. In addition, this smooth gourmet recipe boasts of an inviting texture flavored with meat broth, one that should appeal to most cats’ preferred tastes. In addition, the formula is grain-free and does not contain any additives or artificial colors. This premium quality, smooth wet cat food will certainly provide balanced nutrition and great taste for cats that love good food.

Key Ingredients:

● Beef

● Beef broth

● Liver

● Fish

● Taurine

6. Natures Menu Cat Food

Have a young kitten you are catering to at home? Then the Natures Menu Cat Food is one to consider. It boasts of a complete formula that’s beneficial for kittens’ growth and development, with real meats and quality ingredients. Just as the name implies, all the ingredients are natural and cater to all the kittens’ natural needs.

The grain-free recipe contains 70% real meats mixed with the necessary vitamins and minerals to ensure your little kitty is getting all the nutrients vital for healthy growth. The ingredients are steamed lightly to preserve nutrients; plus, the formula is also free of any preservatives, added sugars, and other artificial substances. Only quality, ethically-sourced meats are used to ensure each pouch promises a safe, balanced, and healthy diet for your cat.

Key Ingredients.

● Chicken

● Broth

● Vitamin A

● Vitamin D3

● Taurine

7. Sheba Select Slices in Gravy Wet Cat Food

Looking for something that will last for the long haul? Then try the Sheba Select Slices in Gravy Wet Cat Food value pack. It offers 40 pouches of cat food for an affordable price. Plus, there are different flavors for your feline friend to try out, all promising to be extra tasty and very nutritious.

There are four tasty varieties; chicken, duck, turkey, and poultry slices drenched in a delicious gravy sauce. It’s important to note that some of the proteins are listed as animal derivatives instead of real meats, which has to be one of the only cons. Apart from that, this formula is a great choice for pet parents with more than one cat willing to experiment with different flavors every day.

Key Ingredients:

● Meat

● Duck

● Turkey

● Animal derivatives

● Cereals

8. Lifelong Complete Food for Adult Cats

AATU is a brand that formulates both dry and wet cat food recipes; they promise high-protein content and quality without adding grain or cereals like other brands. This brand has been somewhat criticized for adding ingredients like tomatoes to their mix, but that doesn’t mean their recipes are unhealthy. However, for a cat’s diet, there are just some ingredients that seem a bit unnecessary.

As mentioned earlier, this doesn’t mean this 24-pack wet cat food goodness doesn’t offer balanced nutrition. The Lifelong Complete Food For Adult Cats is developed by nutritionists and vets, so it’s safe to believe that all the ingredients contribute to complete and balanced nutrition for cats.

Since the recipe is made from 32% of real meats and animal derivatives, it contains an adequate amount of protein and is fortified with other ingredients like prebiotics, fiber, biotin, and Vitamin E. So, if quality and affordability are both on your checklist, then this would be a good option to consider.

Key Ingredients:

  • Chicken
  • Duck
  • Caramel syrup
  • Taurine
  • Vitamin D3

9. Applaws 100% Natural Wet Cat Food

Applaws is one brand that cannot go without being mentioned; it is known for reliability and using premium quality ingredients to make both wet and dry cat food. Nothing less than quality ingredients and the phenomenal taste is expected from the Applaws brand, and they haven’t compromised those expectations yet. The Applaws 100% Natural Wet Cat Food is proof of that fact; it’s a premium quality complementary wet food that guarantees a high protein content. The flavor is rich, inviting, and packed with meaty goodness to ensure your feline friend enjoys every mouth full. However, as mentioned above, it should not be served alone, either as a topper or between meals.

That’s because this formula does not provide complete nutrition ( just like many other wet cat food products), it contains just three to four healthy and natural ingredients. So, serve this tasty wet food with a balanced dry kibble to ensure your feline is getting the best of both foods.

Key Ingredients:

● Chicken breast

● Chicken broth

● Rice

10. Butchers Classic Wet Cat Food Variety Tin

The Butchers Classic Wet Cat Food Variety Packs come with a selection of acquired flavors that would certainly appeal to many cats. There’s no need to worry about your cat getting fussy over this tasty formula, as it is available in different flavors; six cans each of beef, chicken, haddock, and ocean fish recipes.

Their natural ingredient list is one of the many reasons pet parents are stuck on this brand; plus, the meat is bred and farmed in Britain. As an added guarantee, it’s rich in protein and contains beneficial amino acids that make cats strong, healthy, and more active.

Plus, just as an added guarantee of this product’s reliability, it does not contain any meat by-products, and it’s fortified with Vitamin D to ensure strong and healthy teeth and bones. So, if you are looking for an authentic, reliable and healthy cat food product, this one comes highly recommended.

Key Ingredients:

● Beef

● Chicken

● Haddock

● Ocean fish

● Taurine

● Vitamin D

UK Cat Foods Buying Guide and FAQs

It can be quite challenging picking out the most suitable cat food brand for your precious feline friend, and it might be even more daunting rolling a cart through the pet food aisle at a shopping mall. With so many brands to choose from, knowing what to look out for will certainly make things easier. After reading this buyer’s guide, the helpful tips should help when making that important decision on which cat food to buy.

Things to Look Out for When Buying Cat Foods

Here are a few essential things to consider when making picking out a new cat food brand.

  • The label

A lot of buyers simply stick to skimming through the information at the front of the pack without reading all the information provided on both sides. There is usually a lot of vital information on the label that could tell whether that brand is good for your cat or not. The label will provide information on which cats the food is meant for, for example, it could be for indoor cats or felines with other specialized needs and health conditions.

Reading the label and other provided information on the site should help you determine if that particular brand is appropriate for your cat’s nutritional needs. Additionally, the label will equally include the weight of the bag; this is helpful when figuring out which brand stands out in terms of quantity. If your feline is a heavy eater, then getting a bag that weighs more would cater to their needs best.

However, for a cat that does not eat much, size may not really matter, even though larger bags will still last longer. Furthermore, the ingredients included in the formula will also be listed at the back of the bag; websites usually make these available, so potential buyers know exactly what they are buying.

  • Life stage

Some people think that cats eat the same thing at all stages of their lives, but this is very untrue. Kittens, adult cats, and senior cats may all need different diets to thrive and remain in good health. Their nutrient requirements are different; that’s why it’s important to check the label for anything that suggests the life stage the food is meant for.

Just like human babies, kittens require certain vitamins and supplements to ensure healthy growth and development. So, look out for foods with DHA or ARA when purchasing brands for kittens. On the other hand, senior kittens need formulas that contain more glucosamine to help their bones and joints as they age. It is very crucial to choose a cat food that specifically states which life stage it was formulated for.

  • Calorie content

Some cats need the extra calorie content to thrive, especially when they are underweight or very active. A good example would be outdoor cats that are always up and about; they may need those extra calories to refuel their energy levels. However, for cats that are already overweight or stand the risk of being on the heavy side, a diet that incorporates fewer calories would be better.

That’s because obesity can cause other serious health conditions in cats, including diabetes, cardiovascular issues, and joint pains. So, checking the calorie content of each food pack could go a long way to preserve your cat’s health or worsen it. Any excess calories an overweight cat takes in automatically stores as fat, and without much physical activity, that could be hard to burn.

It’s better to give them cat food that provides essential nutrients without adding more calories than their bodies can handle. For a cat that is already used to feeling satisfied after every meal or those who have portion control issues, there are cat feed options that promise low-calorie portions that still induce that ‘full’ feeling after meals. However, ensure you get confirmation that the cat is actually overweight from the vet, this could be done by checking their bodyweight score.

  • Protein content

There may be many impressive ingredients listed on the cat food label, and sometimes, you may be fooled by diets that have no business being fed to cats. It’s important to remember that cats are natural predators, which means that they feed on meat. Naturally, they go after their prey just like lions or tigers would, and they don’t drink much water either.

So, it is important to ensure their diet included a protein-rich formula with adequate moisture levels. Now that we have established how important proteins are, not just any protein will do. Cats benefit from formulas that use real meat especially when they are growing. Look out for food brands that have proteins like chicken, beef, salmon, duck, turkey, lamb, sardines, tuna, eggs, and the likes as the first five ingredients.

Formulas that incorporate organ meats like liver are equally greatly beneficial. If you decide to offer them home-made dishes that feature fruits and veggies majorly, that is synonymous with going against their nature. Nature has made it that cats not only enjoy eating meaty dishes but benefit from such diets health-wise. That does not mean that the necessary vitamins and minerals should not be included in the mix. However, look out for fruits and vegetables that you would normally have in your fridge or pantry; foods like carrots, sweet potatoes, apples, cranberries, and the likes.

  • The source

When scrolling down the review or customer feedback section on a cat food website, you may notice some people being very concerned with the country the ingredients are sourced from. For example, are the meats produced in the UK? Are the meats farm-sourced? Are the fish wild-caught? These little details are actually quite crucial.

Usually, these cat food manufacturers undergo a lot of regulation, so factories and kitchens are regularly inspected and maintained. But what may not be inspected is the food source, so it is up to you to find out.

Certain important labels like organic, real meat, farm-raised, grass-fed, wild-caught, or free-range are some of the phrases to look out for. Companies that ensure their ingredients are fresh, locally grown, and sourced are more liable to provide cat-friends and safe formulas.

  • Approved ingredients

Before going ahead to pick out any pet food brand, it is important to ensure that formula is approved by the PFMA, which is the Pet Food Manufacturing Association. This seal ensures that the manufacturers are reliable and certified, and their ingredients are safer for consumption.

Next, ensure that you differentiate between complementary and limited-ingredient recipes, as these diets are either topper for kibble or supplementary wet food to add moisture to a dry meal. However, apart from such supplementary diets or toppers, quality recipes balance quality protein, fat, minerals, vitamins, and low carbohydrate.

Also, take note of the first four to five ingredients at the back of the pack. The first five ingredients are the most prominent when it comes to weight, so if chicken, beef, tuna, salmon, and chicken meal are the first five on the ingredient list, the recipe may be majorly made up of these components.

Another essential factor to consider is ‘real meat’ as the first ingredient; most reliable pet food manufacturers make use of ‘real’ farm-raised animal meats like chicken fish, beef, and the likes to ensure cats are getting the best quality.

Remember, cat food ingredients aren’t too far away from what we would look out for with a human diet. Simply check for ingredients you would usually consume at home. Avoid ingredients that are food fillers, artificial preservatives, coloring, or flavors, they may pose some health risks to your cat.

  • The price

The costs of various cat food products vary; most importantly, dry food products are usually less expensive than wet food variants. However, in terms of the brand, some boast of using premium-quality ingredients, which shows in the prices they offer. If you don’t mind spending some extra dollars on a premium quality brand with a superior ingredient list, then that’s okay. There are also some products that may be on the high side because of their specialized formula.

Healthier recipes meant for senior cats, cats with medical conditions, or other needs may be more expensive than regular cat food that caters to the average cat’s welfare. However, if you are looking for more budget-friendly brands, there’s no need to break the bank getting a ‘premium quality product’ that sells at a high price. There are still some premium brands that offer quality at pocket-friendly prices, just ensure the brand is approved by the PFMA.

  • Dry food versus wet food

When looking for the best cat food, there will be a variety of choices which include wet and dry cat food. Both food choices are slightly different and usually have different recipes as well. Wet cat food may be similar to dry food, however, the major difference is that it contains a lot more moisture.

Wet food could have from 15% to 60% of the water in it, and it ensures felines get the water levels they may not be getting in their daily routine. Wet foods also range from semi-moist to full wet food; full wet food contains up to 60% water content.

On the other hand, dry cat food usually comes in hard and dry small sizes called kibble. They usually contain very little water, and may not have more than 15% water content. It is okay to combine both dry kibbles with wet cat food, that is because sometimes, wet cat food has limited ingredients in them and is more suitable as toppers.

  • The taste

The taste of the food matters, especially when you have a picky eater at home. Now, there is really no way to tell how flavorful cat food tastes, especially when you haven’t bought it yet. This is where customer reviews come in; check what other buyers have said about the product and how their cats reacted to it. Still, there’s really no way to tell if your cat likes a certain product or not until they taste it.

One way to know whether your cat likes a product or not is to test out a brand you picked out after thorough consideration, but just buy one or two packs. If the cat outrightly rejects the food, eats only a little, or still seems hungry after leaving a half-empty bowl, they probably don’t like it. So, don’t get too excited when buying a new brand, just buy a small bag and test it out first before going all in.

  • Customer reviews

How many times have customer reviews saved you from buying a certain product? Too many to count right? If you don’t scroll down to read customer reviews, now is the time to start. Yes, it is true, what works for one cat may not work for another, but some other criticisms or positive feedbacks could be the proof you need to either buy a product or check out another one.

UK Cat Foods FAQs

How much should you feed your cat?

When we eat, we think about portions and what we can finish; the same applies to cats. It is not advisable to pour in a ‘generous’ amount of food without checking the adequate serving sizes on the pack. It is better to serve your cat prescribed or advised portions to avoid over-feeding. If you want, get a measuring cup, that makes it easier to measure out the correct amount first before turning the feed into the cat bowl.

Each product has a recommended daily feeding guide, and some even include the adequate amount for different sizes. So, adjust your felines portions accordingly and try to stay committed to doing so. If your cat is underweight, remember to speak to your vet and adjust the rations as advised.

What should you not feed a cat?

There are some foods we grew up thinking cats like and are naturally accustomed to; one of those foods is milk. A lot of cats are lactose intolerant, which means dairy products like cheese or milk could seriously upset their stomachs. Other foods they should avoid are onions, garlic, and chives, as this could cause blood shortage and other health risks. Also, caffeine, chocolate, raw eggs, raw meat, raw fish, bones, raisins, grapes, or dog food should be avoided.

What’s the average cost of cat food?

Cat food brands range when it comes to cost and daily, monthly and annual prices. However, on average, you can find cat food from $10 to $50 per month. It all depends on the formula, the brand, or the special diet.